So...Greta Thunberg is being manipulated?

It always has…what was established scientific facts have been proven wrong over and wrong again in history. Some of the worst atrocities were committed in the name of science. This is now a new phenomenon and people seem to forget that.

There was a time you’d be shunned to reject eugenics or saying doctors should wash their hands before surgery. Politics were shaped by science for ages, and often wrongly.

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Well, religion still has the upper hand in terms of atrocities and wars in its name. Science ended one with the worst mistake of all time.

I don’t think so. I think people overplay how much religion actually was the cause of these atrocities and wars. They would’ve happened anyways and movements that rejected religion and atheist states are often the worst offenders of these things. Not to mention science and religion aren’t mutually exclusive in the first place, and sometimes it’s basically the same thing. It’s just human nature. Perhaps that’s why we have religion and it’ll always be, it’s part of our nature.


So Communism and Nazism are responsible for WWII, but Catholicism and Protestantism are not responsible for the Wars of Religion? Got it.

I never said that so perhaps you can read again

This seems a bit off. Isn’t religion about faith, while science is about proof?

A quick look at all the:“The polar caps are going to melt within X years” studies makes me think there’s a loot of faith involved in science as well.

But those studies present evidence a.k.a. “proof,” which can be examined and either accepted or rejected, with a counterargument based on evidence. Whereas religion is based on faith a.k.a. “you have to believe, just because!”

Most climate deniers don’t respond to science with a counterargument based on evidence. Instead the respond with a faith-based argument: “I don’t believe it!”

One reason that climate science is hard for some people to accept is that it’s based on large data sets and sophisticated computer models. To the average person this looks like a “black box” of information, and so they simply won’t accept it until the earth turn into a cinder.

No. Both can have faith and evidence. Can one not look at the cosmic background radiation and see the handy work of god? Doesn’t science need faith that basic axioms are true?

Branches of philosophy such as theology were considered science for a long time. The prime.

But my point is, the two aren’t always separated at times such as Zeus was shooting down lightning to explain it. That was a scientific explanation of nature, very wrong but it was an scientific attempt.

Religion is almost always nonsense. Science is occasionally nonsense.


You should watch some videos of great apologists and theists debate great atheists.

The “faith” part comes in when people take data that the models produce and turn that into things like “we only have 12 years to save the planet” or “the end of human life is imminent.” The tendency for people to form millennial cults is as old as humanity itself.

This type of climate change cult may be based on data from computer models, but that’s where the science ends. And when anyone questions the level of hysteria, the response is always, “Shut up, it’s science!” The irony is invariably lost on these people.

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Interestingly, as you mention lightning, that makes me think of dragons. Allegedly, in Chinese culture, dragons represent lightning. It is a good thing because it announces rain, which is good for crops and hence keeping your belly full.

In the West, dragons are bad because they somehow got related to the devil, maybe through the snake figure.

Same with bats. Here they are fertilizers, help pollinate. There they are Dracula.

The same image manipulated and enhanced in tradition, steeped with different meaning, different purpose.

That was already done to death long before either of us ever heard of this kid.

Josh McDowell would dispute that.

Evidence is in the eye of the beholder.

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Her spirit of conviction and conscience is to be respected and honoured globally. Humans proactively living a minimalist lifestyle is the only hope that the planet has for its long term future distancing from extreme consumption, consumerism and capitalism.

While you enjoy all the benefits of a place that thrived under capitalism while millions starved to death just across the border lol.


Honestly I live a frugal life in Hk without indulgence, vanity and extravagance.

My sincere sympathy to all those living not just in Asia but also Africa and both developing and undeveloped places on the planet!

The only way to truly honor her spirit is to go back to living in caves. And no roast meat either, of course.

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So we should stop developing nations from developing? And more importantly from reproducing, since overpopulation is the main cause of climate change.

Is greta actually an undercover alt-right racist?