So...Greta Thunberg is being manipulated?

You’re bold bro, not many would dare take the time and energy to mock autistic children on the net with such vim and vigor like you do. Way to take a stand on the hard hitting issues.

Not everyone has the cajones to mock a disabled young girl under a fake name online, and to boot you even find a way to attempt to discredit objective sciences everyone else already knows is fact in the process.

A true hero, showing us the truth we can’t handle! What else you got for us, genius?

I didn’t start this, and we all know it.

I don’t even know what that means. All i know is that I have never ever in my life met anyone as skilled as you as mocking young girls with autism under fake names on the internet.

And to package that with a complete disregard for science at the same time despite no expertise, credentials, training…you must be beaming with pride at your accomplishments.

Lest I seem ungracious, let me make a point of thanking you for admitting the basic fact about her. Not everyone here is willing to do that much.

Now if you’ll only do the same for global warming, we’ll finally be on the same page.

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To be honest I didn’t even know who she was until I put on my hazmat suit and read thru this thread.

As far as global warming, no offense but I’ll listen to people that know what the **** they’re talking about on the issue. Scientists, for example.

You got no clue on the science bit but let me assure you…nobody mocks autistic children under fake names online like you, bruh. Nobody. You show em’ who’s boss, tough guy.

Human shields don’t even slow me down. Especially not the volunteers. Somebody started this thread for some reason, and then called me a bigot. So here I am. No apologies. But shame on those who won’t just let her be forgotten. Because if it weren’t for somebody starting this thread, I’d have let it lie long ago.

Can we all agree to ignore this Greta? I’m game. Now I’ve got an admission of the basic fact about her, and that’s good enough for me. The mods can lock the thread any time they choose.

She’s a twofer. People are defending mental illness and climate change at the same time. Genius. The scientists with their fancy research have been doing it wrong all this time.

Look, I admit not everyone in life can mock people with autism under fake names online and pretend science doesn’t exist at the same time. Its a rare, special talent.

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Some of the language I’ve seen on this thread indicates that people are emotionally invested. The phrase “sunk cost fallacy” comes to mind.

Is there another kind of cost with you?

“I sure hope the richest guy at the table will pay for the surf and turf I ordered”. Like that?

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Autism is not a “mental illness”, folks.
Nor does is it synonymous with low intelligence. There are Autistics with low IQs, and there are Autistics with very high IQs.

As for seeing CO2: “The latest - and perhaps most entertaining - spin is that ”I can see CO2 with my own eyes”. This is of course a metaphor from a book taken out of it’s context, taken from a German newspaper. No one has said that I can literally see CO2… that is beyond stupid.
This should of course not be necessary to mention but since some respected newspapers have written about this without realizing that this is a fake news campaign I thought it was best to point this out.” (May 4)

But of course it is ironically the allistics that constantly claim that Autistics have no theory of mind and cannot deal with metaphor.


But is it the next new thing in psychology today?

Let’s consider the following for a moment (and I’ll not talk about the 97% consensus climate change meme because there’s another thread for that, I’m more interested in the health condition because that’s what I studied) :

a) She was a nobody, making school strikes by herself or with few others while her parents were letting her do it because it was making her feel better
b) The PR company that handles her mother (reminder: an extremely famous and wealthy opera singer, married to an extremely famous and wealthy actor) took credit for promoting her strikes both nationally and internationally
c) Days after her strikes became well known and discussed, her mother gets on the first pages of local media and gets interviewed about her upcoming book about their family life and how climate issues affected it (book on which that PR company is involved, of course)
d) She has every single sign of fetal alcohol syndrome, from the slow/arrested development, to the small head, thin lips, small eyes…basically every visible physical trait connected to FHS is clearly recognizable in her

So, with that said…

Is there a remote chance that the whole thing started as a publicity stunt, and that a couple of extremely wealthy people found a doctor willing to diagnose their daughter with a generic “autism” label, rather than the more problematic fetal alcohol syndrome? And I call it “problematic” for two reasons:

a) It puts the parents, especially the mother, under a bad light
b) One of the symptoms of FHS is low IQ

So, either:

a) A girl who suffers from autism shows none of the physical signs usually connected to that condition while at the same time showing ALL the traits of fetal alcohol syndrome
b) A doctor got some money under the table from a wealthy couple

The Occam razor principle here leads to a very easy solution, and now that she has become some sort of heroine for the climate change doomers it doesn’t surprise me that everyone keeps repeating “autism/asperger” as a lithany, due to the low IQ situation often induced by fetal alcohol syndrome.


But what I think you’re missing from this conversation is…Why? Why is the Autism and alleged FAS even important to bring up?

Would you bring up the same allegations if the subject is one you agree with?

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Because her PR team couldn’t think of a better current year malady?

Cause the bigots to react to her disability? If you think kids who are disadvantaged aren’t good spokespeople, then you don’t believe in climate science?

I don’t care about her message. There’s nothing organic about her rise to popularity, it was a marketing campaign that has been picked up by climate change doomers as a way to get people white knighting for her.
I’m interested in the medical part because it’s what I studied and the diagnosis doesn’t make any sense judging by her development, so I find it interesting.

Can you imagine what goes on behind the scenes at climate science conventions in their minds?

“Hey I got an idea, try this out…we cant get anywhere with this manifesto and ads in the back of the campus newspaper…let’s make up this wacky idea called ‘AGW’ and covertly enlist nearly every scientist on board secretly!”

“We been doing that, comrade, Lowenstien. I just got back from bribing the wapo editor”.

You mean our secret bolshevik plot and promises of assistant professor gigs at universities hasn’t taken hold yet…"Ok here’s another one then…we take child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in order to play on everyone’s sympathy. well lie and say she’s autisitc to tug at their heartstrings. That way we can trojan in socialism through the back door. The old autistic girl trick, works every time (wrings hands, evil laughter)’

Yeah. Makes total sense… If you’re as cynical and dishonest as conspiracy theorists are.

What kind of lying diseased mindset do you have to be in to begin with to start accusing people of fabricating poverty and mental illness in order to advance a scientific cause thats already proven to start with?

“I didn’t start this, and we all know it.”

No, but you’re obviously relishing it. Like a lot of bullies who follow the lead of bigger bullies.