So...Greta Thunberg is being manipulated?

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The ‘historical’ definition of nihilism (Oxford Languages): “the doctrine of an extreme Russian revolutionary party c. 1900 which found nothing to approve of in the established social order.”

Fits Greta to a T.

And Tato for that matter.

Both appear not overly enamoured by the status quo.


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Right, a c1900s Russian revolutionary party doctrine is a good way define ‘modern nihilism.’ ha.

More on Taty, Gerty and nihilism:

“Both are nihilistic. Tate and the edgelords that love him eschew the idea of community entirely, preferring the fleeting comforts of meaningless sex and hyper-consumerism. Thunberg and her followers view society as a toxic, polluting, dangerous thing, and fantasise about returning to a pre-industrial state of eco-innocence.”

“The end result of both Tateism and Thunbergism is a nihilistic fleeing from reality into the bunkers of consumption or conservation.”

Others have referred to Grets as a ‘climate nihilist,’ to (sustainably-manufactured) boot. Shellsy often likes to sink der boot into the Gerter in this way. He’s another obsessive.

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Looks like a campaign to change public perception of the word. Ludicrous.

What do you think, she ironically doesn’t know what nihilism means here? Doesn’t show in the preview, but her tweet links an article that discusses being against nihilism.

Greta being manipulated by the fuzz.

Look at her being so nihilistic, arrested for protesting the expansion of a coal mine! Truly her behavior screams “life is meaningless, what’s the point.”


Nah, her behavior screams photo op and professional protester.




as long as they are union actors and behind the scene workers


I should change it to… “The fuzz manipulated by Greta?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is really weird.

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Officially not staged :+1:


By Merlyn Thomas

Climate disinformation reporter

So many BBC articles declare things false just because the person being accused says it is false and the reporter supports them.

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She’s probably well-qualified for that role. Let’s see … She did a course in ‘Asian and Middle Eastern Studies’ at Queens’ College, Cambridge. That covers the major languages and cultural history of East Asia and the Middle East, broadly defined. She knows French and Arabic.

My conclusion:

Climate expert! :grimacing:

Although I haven’t read her piece, I wouldn’t necessarily fault her academic qualification for her role, after all, reporters’ job is to report, which necessitates conveying and synthesising different professionals, experts and public figures’ take on issues. A cross-cultural awareness goes a long way in a globalised world, and in the work of a reporter.

Come now, come now, this is a rather unfair comment, quite a sleight of hand you did there: her byline is “Climate disinformation reporter”, not “climate expert”. Lets stick to the facts of the matter.

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What you really need for the job is a functioning bullshit meter.

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You’ve got a point. She’s uncredentialled and uneducated on both climate disinformation and climate science.

Did they carry her before or after they stood around and had a chat?

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Like water off a duck’s back, innit? :laughing: