So...Greta Thunberg is being manipulated?

I also forgot to add that she doesn’t have a degree in journalism. Not that that matters.

Like half the schmucks on Twitter claim to be “Disinformation Experts”. You know exactly what you’re getting when you see that claim


Experts in peddling disinformation…they’re not wrong.




Good Alberta based journalism

MUST WATCH: Greta Thunberg as you’ve never seen her before! (

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AH, the young fraudulent life! Breathe the freedom!

A train with Greta Thunberg on it is definitely overcrowded.

With press and photographers?

And police officers.

Someone has to carry her…

… bags! Look at them all!

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She’s probably carrying the equivalent of an Indian peasant’s lifetime carbon emissions in those bags.

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She’s not being manipulated. She’s enjoying being famous.

It’s pretty easy once you get the UN on your side.

I hope you guys feel superior in your mocking of an adult who gained fame as a teenager and is still milking that passionate child fear of the future schtick.

Is there a reason you are digging up and posting tweets that are over 3 years old out of context?

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Fact check!

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a reason for everything, indeed

She wouldn’t be caught dead taking a train now.

2023 and grown men are still triggered by and whining about Ms Thunberg :roll_eyes:

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