So how do you like it?

They say the way to a man’s heart is Thu his stomach. So, how do you married men like your dinner from your Taiwanese wife? Has she learned to cook ‘western’ or have you cultivated a ‘Taiwanese’ palate?

Make sure you list your favorite food she cooks also… :notworthy:

My girl doesn’t cook much, and I like it that way. Keeps the kitchen clean and there is plenty of good stuff outside to eat. No dishes to wash either.

Bit of both. My wife actually (really!) loves to cook, especially western. Now that my mum has given us a subscription to the BBC’s Food magazine, we’re eating better than ever, if that were possible.
I used to cook for a living, but she long ago far surpassed whatever skills I have.

I eat like a king and have the waistline to prove it. V couldn’t make toast when I first met her, now she’s getting ambitious in the kitchen. And she barbecues waaaay better than me. I also love the way she does vegetables. The baking is going to be my department - I got my first cake and muffin pans from Mami bakery on the weekend.

We like to eat western and local food, and we’re happy at the nightmarket and at tablecloth and candlelight joints…

I just can’t get used to cooking here. My excuses are the following:
I never cooked with gas before.
We are not well equiped and don’t have an oven.
When I cook the kitchen gets dirty and aunts and roaches follow soon if we don’t bring out the garbage everyday.

So my sweet boyfriend told he’s Mom that I can’t/don’t cook. She thinks we’re starving and invites us for dinner almost every day. It’s more like an order though “When are you coming over. Don’t come to late!” :s

She cooks for an army and breathes down my neck if I don’t eat as much as she’d expect me too… :astonished:

See my waist line for proove… :help:

You realize that Chinese people show their love through food right Mesheel?

i have gotten to love the Chinese food, boy can my wife cook it. i take care of the pasta :slight_smile:

So you’re saying I should be happy that the mother is fattening me since the past 8 month? :fume:

Gosh, I put on at least 3kg since I know her :astonished:

Yes, it’s love.

Unfortunately everyone I have ever met were hopeless in the kitchen. I think one girl invited me over for dinner once and made instant noodles.

My wife cooks pretty much only Chinese food. And I don’t mind, of course!

When it comes to any other nationality of food, be it Thai, Indian, African, Mexican, Italian, Cajun, or down-home Southern cookin’, I’m the one who does it!

At my house, I cook western and my wife cooks chinese.(reflecting our own nationality) When my mother-in-law cooks, I have to wear shorts with a drawstring or elasticwaist. She stuffs the hell out of me.

My wife and I do visit the night market often. Especially the Temple Street Night Market here in Jilong.

I’m very pleasantly surprised by how well she’s been coming along in the nine months since we got married. She hardly ever used to cook when she lived with her parents (the family didn’t appreciate her efforts very much when she did try her hand at it), but her culinary skills have improved exponentially since she’s been cooking for me. It’s all the more commendable because our dietary habits differed so greatly before we got married, yet she’s adjusted extremely well, eating exclusively vegetarian food (like me) when we’re at home, going easy on the garlic and other ingredients that she loves but I don’t, and coming up with an ever widening range of Chinese, Western and fusion dishes that never fail to delight my finicky palate.

I’m pants at Chinese. Jenny is a genius at it. I do all the other stuff though.

So, I will be a Sandman’s on Monday
Thrus and friday are open…any invites?

All good responses, it gave me a good insite to your worlds. I always wondered how it might be if i ever had a taiwanese bf. Cause I abosolute love to cook but I don’t think he could take all the soul food… :laughing:

AAAhhh, I new your post must have had a deeper meaning…=)

But the funny thing is…let me open a new subject for that later.

My wife couldn’t make anything more complex than a bowl of cornflakes, let alone dinner. Hopeless. I do all the cooking, which is fine since I hate the washing up :smiling_imp: Her mum is a fantastic cook though, so I don’t know what went wrong there :shrug:

My girlfriend gets extremely jealous when we watch Nigella Lawson on the Knowledge Channel. As she should be. She knows that I’ll never pine for her as I pine for sweet, sweet Nigella and her ridiculously rich food.

[quote=“alidarbac”]My girlfriend gets extremely jealous when we watch Nigella Lawson on the Knowledge Channel. As she should be. She knows that I’ll never pine for her as I pine for sweet, sweet Nigella and her ridiculously rich food.


Jesus, saw her for the first time the other day: What a goddess.

Nigella, goddess of food!!!

Ive seen her, beautiful girl, but don’t care for her cooking show. And cooking shows are to me like candy is to a fat kid…