So how much rent should I charge?

This is a question to anyone who is familiar with the going rental rates in Taipei city, or who rents property here and has an educated guess. When my wife and I bought our place we bought 2 floors. We are not using one floor and would like to rent it out, the extra income is just too tempting. The apartment is about 20 ping, located in Zhongshan District, very close to SOngshan airport (you can hear the planes.) It is a top floor (6th F) place with one master bedroom (abt 8 ping) and a living room (abt 10 ping). There is no kitchen, or hookups for one. The interior is very clean and has been refurbished within the last year. Very nice looking. Our building is old, so no elevator, but is located minutes from bus stops, about 8 min from the big beautiful Rongxing Garden (park), and about a 10 min walk from the Zhongshan Jr High MRT stop. There is tons of local shopping close by. We are only a couple mins walk from one of the largest fresh produce markets in the city, as well as a countless shops and restaurants nearby that can satisfy nearly all of the shopping needs. A very convenient place to live. Our neighborhood blocks away from all the action is also very quiet at night.

Taking all this into account, I’m trying to figure out how much to rent this place for, or at lest know what I could get for a place like this. Any ideas? Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Is it furnished? That makes a difference in price. And take some advice from someone who has rented an apartment out for 8 years: foreigners make much better tenants than Taiwanese, who tend not to give a shit about keeping a place up.

In that area I’m guessing NT15,000 but check with Cui Mama and old Fcom and Tealit ads.

I’d say ask for $20k, settle for $15k.