So how's the air quality in Kaohsiung these days?

Yes, it is very bad for you long term.

Luckily some wind blew the pollution away for this week and the air is quite clean for the time being. So many beautiful clouds in the sky for a change.

I have a book about dust. It sounds boring but it’s fascinating.
Diesel engines produce large amounts of soot, basically carbon particles with a bunch of other noxious stuff mixed in. I’m imagining that refineries do something very similar. Koashung is infamous for scooter riders getting black faces after a ride thorugh the city (well it was anyway). This black soot is sticky so a mop and detergent is a good way to deal with it. Also you should keep your windows shut almost all the time and run an air purifier.

The other major component of black dust near highways are particles of rubber that have worn off tyres!

better for sure, but still absolutely horrendous. Its not just the city proper its all through the western flat areas of pingtung and north as well to varying degrees. after winter when the rains start, especially the first after a good long while without any, and the mountains are so clear and green it almost looks psychedelic. truly a transformation, which unveils just how bad the air really is…and im in the country.

Looks like soup out there today :frowning:

Another normal day with Kaohsiung in top 10:

Just at 18, now, but yeah pretty awful

I’m pretty much decided that when this job runs dry I’m leaving Kaohsiung (and leaning more towards leaving Taiwan)

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Air quality is good today so far. Wondering if it has something to do with it being the election day, i.e. no commuter traffic, factories are closed, etc. It was also very windy from last night till this morning, which might have helped.

Interesting to see, the city with cleanest air: Los Angeles, a big surprise for today, Poland seems bad today within top ten.

Winter in Kaohsiung is sad. The smog is so strong the buildings disappear.

Today I could see the Pingtung mountains from Monkey Mountain, beautiful day down here today. Air quality was in the yellow this morning, but in the lush parts of the mountain it was clean and sweet

I still remember the first time I could see the pingtung mountains from Daliao. I was shocked and didn’t know they were there. You could never see it due to Pingtung smog

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