So, I got married in Taiwan... but TECO won’t accept the marriage certificate

What’s the point of going to Hong Kong TECO when he can go to NY TECO? Doesn’t make sense, I feel like I’m missing something

I think “rules” needs some quotation marks :joy:

In Taiwan, marriage is typically shown on the ‘family book’. So extracts are printed for use from that at the local registry.

For use abroad, you’d probably needed it translated to English & notarized. In the UK, the principle has been that if a marriage is accepted as legal by any authority, it’s valid in the UK.

I’m guessing that your marriage certificate from Taiwan has been translated & notarized in English. If you’ve already done that step, then you can ignore this.

Of course… you’d have to ask yourself why a government department would require a translation of a document from their OWN country… I’d be scratching my head for that one… but it’s possible.

Why don’t you just process a regular tourist visa, and transfer it in Taiwan? Rules here are often weird. And lower level orderlies in the Civil Service don’t have a lot of leeway in interpreting SOP, even when common sense would demand it.

sorry man about this mess, as you can start to see, TW bureaucracy is just a shitshow, and it won’t get any better.

You need to play their game, i.e. use their own rules against them. Technically speaking they just want you to show you are also married in your home country. I am not American, so I don’t know that well how the system works, however if you want to play “grifty”, just marry in Utah online and use that notarised certificate to submit the application at TECO NY. technically BOCA/MOFA doesn’t talk to NIA/MOI, hence they can’t see if that TW marriage is still on the HHR of your wife.

Otherwise, another game the system move, and the safest imho, is what @justintaiwan suggested: get a long term visitor visa (more than 90 days), get to TW go straight to NIA with your docs ready and apply for a marriage ARC, they will be able to issue that to you and convert your visitor visa to resident visa.