So I’ve been COVID pinged… and I’m symptomatic

Google Translate:

[Pandemic Alert] Because you have been in contact with a confirmed person from August 13 to September 2 or have overlapping activities, if you have suspected COVID-19 symptoms after August 13, please seek medical advice or visit the community. The screening station picks up and inspects.

Weird that the date range is so large. For those interested I have been in Neihu science park almost every day this week. I was in Yunling last weekend.


I just got the same message. I’ve mostly been in Taoyuan City, but I spent one weekend in Hualien, and Thursday I was in the Da’an Park area.

I don’t understand the point of me scanning the qr code to every single place I’ve visited when they can only narrow it down from Aug. 13 to Sept. 2.

Edit: I’m not symptomatic and have been vaccinated. Hope everything goes ok for you. Did you get the vaccine?


Getting vaccinated next Saturday.

Just tried to book an appointment for a test… full.


I hope that’s a Google Translate error haha, although it would explain the COVID-associated wanderlust previously seen in Taiwan.


Were you feeling symptomatic before you got the message, or could you just be panicking? If one million people really got the message and the date range is so large, your odds might not be too bad…

I said to my wife this morning I was feeling off, and have been coughing and sneezing. Most likely a cold

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Hmmm. Most likely, yeah, but hopefully you can arrange a test. Good luck…!

Maybe you could get a pack of those convenience store rapid tests in the meantime?


I read your original post and started typing you should go get tested.

Then I read this.

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Yeah, that is weird. There’s a big difference between discovering you were in the same department store on August 13 (low-risk to begin with, and you’re now presumably significantly past a time when you should be concerned), versus you ate lunch in the same small restaurant two days ago (which would make you understandably tense). With all the information we’re giving them, you’d think they could be more specific.

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How did you try to book it, by the way? I’m just wondering if “full” refers to the self-paid tests or something. Presumably the testing centers and clinics still have capacity as the number of tests required has decreased since a couple of months ago. Isn’t there some government number to call?

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My wife went on the websites of the two hospitals in our district and they were not accepting any more appointments for today, and one of them apparently doesn’t test on Sundays. We will try again later.

How much are the convenience store tests?

Several hundred each or ca. NT$1800 for five, according to this (somewhat dated) article:

Hmmm…maybe you could check whether those rapid testing stations are still open? (The number listed at the bottom of that article is 1922 - maybe it’s worth calling for advice?)

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Dammit I was also in Neihu Science Park all week.

This is the end.

Just called. Can’t get through


Several coworkers and acquaintances of mine also got the text, so I imagine 1922 has been inundated.

Last time they did this I believe they actually got the location info from cell tower records (referring to when they sent messages to people who were in the Wanhua area within a specific date range), rather than from the QR codes. Not sure if this time is the same?

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More than likely

Take care of yourself, don’t visit crowded places, wear a mask, and try to get through to 1922. I hope you’re OK!



Just keep trying,
or turn up at your local hospital and say you have a cold and want to see a doctor.
when asking about your history show the message and say “but I don’t think I have covid”. I’m sure they will find a test for you very quickly.

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