So I’ve been COVID pinged… and I’m symptomatic

I am sorry, that is not good advice. No showing up randomly at hospitals, please!



it was meant as a joke, hence the quotation marks.

But I do know one person this week who just went for cold medication and the staff flipped out and sent them for a test straight away (2 day wait for the results was a worse than the cold).

They must have messaged a million people.

No jokes allowed.

If it were me, I’d have someone bring me a rapid test or two.
If negative, you can breathe a sigh of relief and test again in a few days.
If positive and not having any serious symptoms, I’d quarantine myself until I’m negative. Ask people you were in contact to quarantine.
Only if I needed medical attention for life threatening symptoms would I report myself to authorities.


Dear lord. This virus has been around for over a year and half! How the actual eff has the Taiwanese government not gotten around to setting up rapid test sites yet?!


Literally, apparently. But I’m not sure where this person is getting the number of 1.1 million from. (Inquiry from a G-Xer: what does “Pretty chill” mean these days?)

William Yang (one of the main English-language journalists for Taiwan that I follow) also got the alert - and now I’m wondering if I should pick up a couple of these self-COVID tests, just to ease fears when / if my wife or I receive these kinds of alerts.

Weren’t a bunch of them taken down over the past couple of weeks? I half-remember seeing that in different articles.

1.1 million to be exacter

sorry, I will pick up my ball and go home

That is two jokes…in one night. Don’t you know that one million people who were feeling fine this morning, are now at home with oxygen monitors on their fingers.

3 if you count the original SMS

1.1 million apparently

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I got this in my CDC Line Account but did not get it via SMS text.

Well I gave 100000 people the benefit of the doubt.

It is ridiculous. You might have been in contact somewhere at some point over a two week period.

I’m inclined to agree. I do wonder though: would one be legally obligated to report themselves to authorities after a positive test result?

My impression is “no” (from stuff like reporting through the contact tracing app being voluntary), although I imagine you’d be penalized and reported in the media if you went outside while knowing of the positive result, especially if you did so while being a foreigner. Then you’d need to try and guess when you’d be safe to go outside again…

This would also seem to be complicated by any attempt to quietly inform your contacts that they should quarantine (because they’d then need to tell their contacts and bosses etc., so it wouldn’t stay quiet for long).

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My wife’s two sisters and I just received it.

But you didn’t just go to Yunlin.

You had to travel there and travel back, pinging New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung and Changhua as you travelled.

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You would probably be contacted as a contact of one of your contacts.

Both sisters and you. Not the wife,too?

Your name is appropriate

But that would just put you back in the same place (you get positive test result → inform your contacts → your contacts report their contacts, including you), where the question is still whether you’re legally obligated to tell the authorities of your positive test result. :thinking:

One of the symptoms of covid is Incontinentia Buttocks.

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