So, in Kaohsiung today (April 22), is it fog or pollution?

I have the exact same issue as you with totally destroyed lungs, though most of my time was in Pingtung not ktown. I had to leave as i could hardly breathe at times (no asthma). Most of Taiwanese dont realize how bad it really is in pinguntg. Kaohsiung City is coastal, it has wind taking most of the pollution away (given how bad it still is, that should be incredibly worrying!) and pingdong is the place it mostly gets stuck.

Taichung is still horrible, by any stretch of the imagination, but i totally understand what you mean. Though just south of Taichung and into Chaiyi there are places that will give Pingtung a run for its money!

Taiwans geography has a lot of our in house pollution fly away. imagine if we were an inland country with mild weather, we would be dieing by 50.

i was being very facetious :wink: