So much for stability in Haiti

Why cannot the world seem to do anything about Haiti? The problems have been there for 200 years and they are still going on. Why doesn’t George Bush do something? Don’t tell me that this is going to be handled by 2009. Perhaps maybe NEVER. Bush must be to blame. Oh, it was Clinton who led the last effort there? oh? Carter? hmmm? Well, Bush is to blame.

[quote]PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, June 5 - She is a bank teller. Her husband delivers air mail packages for DHL.

In a country where about 70 percent of adults have no jobs, that means Gehanne and Jacques-Henri Beaulieu are worth a small fortune.

Gehanne Beaulieu, center, a Haitian bank teller, is comforted by a relative after being released by kidnappers on Tuesday in Port-au-Prince.[/quote] … r=homepage

Taisa Naar, 14 months old, with her mother, Manoushca Douyon Naar, in Port-au-Prince last week. Taisa was kidnapped several weeks ago by armed men who released her after her family paid an unspecified ransom.
On Tuesday, it was taken.