So some parent complained that I chew gum in my class

Don’t you mean……C’mon man, light up.

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Start chewing betel nut and take a dodgy white plastic throw away cup into the class so you can spit that vomitus inducing reddish brown culmination into it whilst the kids are watching. Bonus points if the parents are watching on CCTV when you do it.


Fancy listening to your boss or his clients! Don’t they know that you are foreign and therefore have special rights to do as you please?

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That’s why we should embrace the more common aspects of local culture. What better way to start work than smelling of khaoliung 58 while nursing a wicked hangover. The betel nut helps wake us up quicker and is great for sticking to your diet.

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Where do you work? At the docks?
Most Taiwanese I saw were up at the crack of dawn and worked very hard. This image of a nation of rolling drunks is quite lazy. Is that really how you view the Taiwanese?

It’s reasonable for a teacher to be asked not to chew gum in class. It’s unreasonable to call the complainant a drink and drug abuser by way of reply.

The answer is they will later come up with a “great idea” that matches what you have already been doing and receive the credit for it.


Why on earth is that “reasonable”? It seems ridiculous to me.

Does this guy still post here? Why would his boss give a shit about how he opens his lunch wrapper? Did he think it affects his job performance? This doesn’t make sense even for Taiwan. I should’ve asked this at the time, and now it’s bugging me…


Is that why every convenience store stocks three thousand varieties?

Fair enough. It seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Yes! Got there before the edit. :joy::joy::joy::hugs:


Twat. :laughing:


Your awl wrong.
Everybody does be knowing its tree thousand varitys.

Dats Jimi triggered 4 the weekend.


Oh man, I was trembling with excitement :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are too wound up about it mate. You got to give them some face and pretend to listen to them.

If you are wearing a mask I don’t see why you couldn’t just lie about it, and if questioned pull out the ‘how would you know? I am wearing a mask’ excuse.

I’m also curious about the sandwich thing. People here sometimes can’t fathom it when somebody does something differently.

I’m just using the same generalizations that most Taiwanese use towards foreigners. Fair is fair isn’t it?

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Oh, you a tooth for a tooth kinda guy. Fair enough.

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I actually posted a response to the sandwich thing a few days ago but it got moved to its own thread for some reason. Sparked quite a lively dicussion too. Here was my reply:

I wouldn’t take too much offense to things like this. Doing simple everyday tasks “the wrong way” makes you look childish in their eyes, and they’re only trying to help you improve your image. (I’m not saying it actually needs improving.)

Although… are you sure they weren’t saying the way you ATE your sandwich was wrong? They do eat their sandwiches differently here. They bite into all four layers of bread at the same time as if the whole thing was one four-bread sandwich, rather than two halves. It annoyed the hell out of me when I first moved here.

You can read the full thread here.

I assume he is talking about about a level of professionalism. Seems about right.

I cannot fathom why chewing gum in class is seen as unprofessional. Is it some modern bourgeois idea that it’s lower-class or something? Has anyone seen the price of gum?