So some parent complained that I chew gum in my class

I can, if the profession is teaching or other such morally important job. It wasnt allowed in any school I went to in canada either.

Chewing shit in your mouth while needing to open you mouth to talk is certainly frowned upon. For many reasons, nevermind the whole covid fiasco.

Um, aren’t we all wearing masks?
And speaking with a mouthful of food doesn’t seem to be frowned on in Taiwanese/Chinese culture. It seems to be encouraged.


2 things. We arent wearing masks to eat. And, I didnt say taiwanese arent pigs at the table… :wink:

Sure, but we are when teaching.

Really? We stopped that last year.

I guess that’s one of the reasons why Taiwanese aspire so much to being Americans.

I gently reminded a friend he maybe shouldn’t be talking with a mouthful of food (a real big mouthful, with fried chicken, vegetables and rice) when he’s two foot away from me. I said maybe girls wouldn’t like it. He had girl trouble.

He thought for a moment and said he’d probably continue eating and talking because it was “more efficient”.

This is a dude who watches Wolf of Wall street, and other High Finance flicks, works for a big 4 accounting firm, and wants to be an investment banker in the USA.

He flat out thinks he’s socially above foreigners who come to TW, and hinted that a few times.

Then he goes talking with a mouthful of muck, like that.

F**k it. Im sure this is the 9th circle of hell. Like, the mildest hell, but still hell.

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Well, we all had received our plague shots by then, so why bother? Some kids, especially the Asian kids from Thailand and Afghanistan wear them, but I think that’s more due to social pressures.

I agree with you. But Taiwan isn’t exactly “first-world” when it comes to superstition and bowing to authority.

No more rebel yell in ya, jimbo?

It fades daily. Now I’m just an old man shouting at clouds.


I wave at dark spots that no one else can see like a lunatic these days. A mask wouldn’t help.

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I’m neither here nor there with masks. I don’t mind wearing them. But when I’m surrounded by filthy fuckers who bathe once a week and consider putting their hands under a tap for a second “washing your hands”, I’m all for them.
We digress. Let’s get back to that hot topic: GUM!

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I think their reasoning is that vaccines dont stop spreading this virus. Whether masks are right or wrong, I believe that is their reason. the vaccines’ dont do certain things.

On chewing gum with masks on. my original point remains valid. a professional that requires oral clarity shouldn’t be chewing things. You dont see lectures by professionals while they chew gum. Maybe the farmer extension teaching folks what chemicals to spray their rice with, but not schools. It is frowned upon. I would equally agree that chewing gum, food, betel nut or anything else, while in lesson, isnt very professional. Chew before class, after or in a job that doesnt require clear sound waves coming from your mouth :slight_smile: It might be judgemental, but i think everyone looks at a chewer, especially one that makes sounds (never mind the open mouth chewing cave folks) in a certain light. it isnt a clean, tidy professional look, no matter how one swings it. Same with smoking. Smoke at home. before class etc. all fine. but dont go into a job having that nasty mouth stench. Chewing gum during class doesnt help, it looks worse and still smells.

Anyone that thinks that is ok has no right about to talk smack about the food spraying open mouther bringing stinky tofu into the train after a hot day in the sun and not showering :innocent: But, ift hey do do that, I guess they have the right to think the customer can chew gum. as the service provider, one is suppose to be professional towards the customer. the students in above case


I guess that’s why professional American baseball players earn a pittance.

Istheir sport about using very clear voice to teach others about how to use clear voices?

They are hitting round things with sticks and running. Chewing is not relevant…

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First off, it’s repulsive, watching somebody manipulate a nasty piece of coloured resin in their mouth.
Second, you shouldn’t talk with something in your mouth. That’s good manners, or so I’ve been taught.
Third, it’s childish. Gum is for kids.

These are the opinions of Superking, and of Superking only.


You sure it’s not that bloated face king I’ve been seeing?

Johnny SlumpFace is no more. Marvel have retracted the six movie deal. Sad times.

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fickle bastards

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