So tired i just got off the bus

Definitely cheap-o buses. I always take a Ho-Hsin along the west coast (red buses with a sunflower-like design on the side). If only for your own Nintendo 64 with 100 games and no bathroom perfume smells leaking from downstairs.


Kathmandu to Delhi. Four days. Stop fucking complaining.[/quote]

4 days? What’d you do, go via Kolkata? Ktm-Del should be about 30 hours, shouldn’t it?

Of all the things to moan about… my mother, who stayed for three weeks and rated most of Taiwan as ‘okay’ at best, was floored by the intercity bus services. So much so that she started referring to them collectively as ‘the lovely bus’ and turned into a total luxury bus nerd, insisting that we take a different one every day to grade them on service, interior finishing, overall comfort and movie selection. (Aloha would have won but apparently was ‘too green’ for her tastes, therefore allowing He-hsin to take the lead).

San Francisco to New York on the dog. Takes about seventeen weeks. Bus full of bloody Americans. India is nothing.

Dearest NecroFlux, theposter is much like a pelvic exam. The more you fight it, the worse it hurts. If you just stare at the ceiling and breathe deeply things work out best.

I crawled from Carnegies to the Spaceman on my face and still managed to have a fight with a taxi driver on the way. The only bus I saw was the one that crushed my hand as I tried to light my last Marlboro. You softie.

(Try a chauffeur-driven S-Class Mercedes. They have double glazing and are very quiet. Just make sure the driver is not a stabber, or you might get seasick.)

Best bus ride of my life! It was when I was 18 and I’m still talking about it. Parked myself on the luggage on top with some fanta, peanuts and oranges. Second best was Nepal Gunge (sp?) to Kathmandu - especially when the steering broke twice on the way.

Anyway - that’s what an iPod is for. If you buy the earbuds that stick into your ear canal, nothing can touch you. Blocks out more sound than those fancy Bose headsets.

HaHA suchafob is FUNNY!

I went on some crazy bus rides in South America, sick as a -well a sick dog, banging over potty mountain roads, suffering from Giardia, the toilet used for luggage, the luggage area used for produce and chickens, little kids standing in the aisles, staring at you all night, Paying for the expensive bus only to have them move you to the cheap one ten miles down the road, broken down at high altitudes, nobody telling you anything, etc…

The worst bus trip I ever had in Taiwan was to Nantou county. There was this happily married couple singing love songs to each other the whole way, and the rest of the bus was cheering them on. Loud! Never, ever, go on a company sponsored trip. They’ll bring the whole darn family with them.They didn’t have any western songs for me to sing or I would have joined in.

I thought buses were really cheap here? Why not get the 1st class wagon?

Lol coming from the position of never having that experience, I appreciate the insight. breathes deeply

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

heyhey i once PURPOSEFULLY bought a month pass on the dog and travelled all around the country on it (even Canada, the other America). and i loved it, was a great trip. Still remember everyone who sat next to me and that was 20 years ago.

Last time I went to Taiwan we caught an el cheapo bus from Taichung to the airport in Taipei.

Cant remember much because I spent the entire trip battling with carbon monoxide poisoning. Honestly - it was scary…

I can remember when the airconditioning kicked in, the smell of fumes got worse and I would doze off for a while…

Had the worst headache I can recall when we finally staggered off the bus in Taipei :frowning:

Fuck culture. loud is loud. i’ll yell at them if i want to.

====> Keep this up and I hope to read about you in Apple Daily sometime in the near future. Of course you’re also probably making this all up because you crave the attention. Here’s attention – take it! Take it! Feel better now? :loco:

[quote=“Lord Lucan”]I crawled from Carnegies to the Spaceman on my face and still managed to have a fight with a taxi driver on the way. The only bus I saw was the one that crushed my hand as I tried to light my last Marlboro. You softie.


Then an angry Yank threw you through a window.

If you ride the cheapest bus, it will be loud. You have ridden it enough to know this. Therefore, it will be loud. Prepare. Or modify your plan. BOSE Noise-cancelling headsets. Ho-hsin bus. Don’t go!

The last time I was as crabby as you were in your OP, I hadn’t eaten all day… and I was in Shenzhen (“I don’t want a fucking massage!” I thought to myself as I got grabbed yet again…). After I ate (at a McDonald’s no less), I was in a much better mood. Were you hungry?

Just remember to prepare in advance and your coping with stressful situations will get better…

It’s one thing to accept the noise as part of the culture, but quite another thing if the noise can give you permanent hearing damage. I would have walked off that bus too.

yeah i was pretty hungry. that had something to do with it. i stil haven’t written my letter to tong lian yet because my wife is busy (i talk, she types it right).
i’ve had to do this a lot even in my own neighborhood. but i think the long time neighbors are really happy to have a little Vito Corleonne living in their shiang.
i made the steak house park properly, as well as the do jiang store too, and no more outside people park in our shiang. i made the guys in the factory on the back road turn their radio down (i was polite and they did it). i run off people who don’t belong in this shiang (it’s not a thru road anyway). neighbors know i’m watching their houses for them.i come out and ask people who they are. next door’s wife got scalded carrying hot water and i was there to help right away. old auntie had to go to the hospital and i was there to offer any assistance.
so all is quiet in my neighborhood, because little me decided to stamp his feet and run off the riff raff.i guess i’m the little engine that could. i thank God for the peace in my neighborhood and pray it lasts.

For that you need Mary Jane :wink:

I guess you won’t be going to China anytime soon then?