So..what did you do today?

Hi everyone…

Just thought this would be an interesting insight into the life of an expat in Taiwan.

It’s no secret that I am dying to live there long term, so would like to know what you did today so I can compare it to my awful existence here in Australia :slight_smile:

To start things off - even though I am not in Taiwan (yet)

  • Woke up at 1pm (worked night shift last night so didnt sleep till 5am)
  • Did my daily 5km walk (trying to trim up so I can fit into the economy seats more comfortably!)
  • Surfed the web for a while, mainly reading new stuff here
  • Had brunch (Rabbit food)
  • Prepared dinner
  • Played videogames for a while and vegged out
  • Shower, Shave
  • Work from 6pm to 3am at a train station doing ‘customer service’ which basically entails scaring away drunk teenagers from the platforms and avoiding psychotic passengers…

So how about your day? Surely it has to be more interesting than mine…! Lets hear it :slight_smile:

Went to work,
Talked to a board memeber at my school about the difficulties dealing with my co teacher, which resulted in a lecture
Had a very enlightinging conversation about relationships and learned something new :smiley:
Came home and slept for a couple of hours.
Started drinking to stave away the depression
Responded to some kind PMs
Walked the dogs several times
Cooked a bad dinner
Watched “Six Feet Under” 1st season while comparing it to the finale episode

Woke up late, posted a bit, looked up words for English to Chinese translation so my GF can read along with me in a novel;

Went to work early to make up for hours missed while on vacation in Thailand; did some editing, downloaded lots of Halloween pics (PM me if you want an avatar!); resized a lot of them…

Looked up more words, read the news online, posted a bit, swung by Costco on the way home to pick up roast chicken and Tide (on sale!);

Had dinner with my lovely GF, and spent a couple hours reading a novel with her.

Not a bad life… :slight_smile:

Hey Namahottie - Ive just started watching 6 feet under this week as well…! I like it so far, and all of the boxsets are on sale here so will probably buy a few more to bring with me to Taiwan :slight_smile:

How long have you lived in Taiwan? Do you enjoy your job there? Im a bit concerned that you are drinking to stave away depression. I find drinking makes my depression worse :frowning:

Dragonbones - Your life sounds fantastic! Lucky guy :smiley:

Im hoping to visit Thailand at least once a year if I get set up in Taiwan. It is definitely one of my short term goals anyhow :wink: Would also love to find a nice Taiwanese girl to share my life with, but I guess that kind of thing cannot be planned :wink:

I saw the first season when I was first here in 2002. Then I just recently caught up. The finale episode had me crying like a baby. I’ve looked on the web to see what has been written about it. Many people call it the finest tv show ever. I guess it is. But the 5th season really captures grief and all that entails. The final episode has a great song “Breath ME” by Sia that I haven’t been able to stop listening to.

I wouldn’t call it the best tv show around, but the writing and the story line really is awesome. Especially the finale episode(If I haven’t said that enough).

As for the drinking, that’s how I cope. Things will get better. It just takes time.

Dragonbones - Your life sounds fantastic! Lucky guy :smiley:[/quote]

Overall he’s a good guy, raising his ‘daughter’ and all. :smiley: (private joke)

Yeah, it will… but it’s almost impossible to convince a depressed person of that. The depressed just want to become comfortably numb, IME.

Not too shabby, now that I have Dragonbabe at my side. :smiley:

Yeah, it’s just a hop skip and a jump (actually I accidentally typed hump… er, never mind) away!

Just curious, Pubba, what’s your connection to Taiwan?

Uh, not so private, probably, if anyone’s seen me with Dragonbabe… :smiley:

Woke up.
Got out of bed.
Dragged a comb across my head.
Found my way downstairs.
Drank a cup.
Looked up.
noticed i was late.
Found my coat.
Grabbed my hat.
Made the bus in seconds flat.
Found my way upstairs.
Had a smoke.
Somebody spoke.
I went into a dream.

Seriously though, I went to work, went to Chinese class, came home and am now surfing the web.

I know, I know it’s too much excitement for one day. :slight_smile:

Today was fun. No work today. Drinking, friends, nice food. Workmen shouting outside my window VERY a.m. was not good.

My daily routine is: wake up at 8-ish after having slept on average 5 hours (insomnia). Often rudely awoken by some pointlessly noisy neighbourhood activity such as some dumb temple thing or election truck with loudspeakers or that devil who sells pineapple in the market and uses a speaker system to shout ‘FENG LI- HAO CHI!’ every 20 seconds.

Realise there is no milk or it has rained all over my laundry or some petty annoyance. Eat. My current breakfast of choice is plain yogurt with sliced bananas, cinnamon, honey and instant coffee powder on it to wake me up. Look to see who’s on MSN. Check email. Delete anything from family members. Read threads about scooter emmissions or ‘what’s up with Taiwanese girls’ or something equally mind-fortifying on forumosa. Brush. Floss. Wash and scrub, clothes, fashion crisis. Weigh self. Consider going to gym. Change into one of the 2 black outfits I wear every day. Watch rerun of CSI, while feeling guilty about not going to the gym, not doing my writing or not practising my characters.

With an increasing sense of impending doom, I decide on heel height for the day and shuffle off into a taxi, while trying to avoid the mad guy who plays the accordion outside the beef noodle shop. Have the same conversation I have had with the taxi driver every day for the past eight years in Asia.

Get to work. Get Starbucks latte if feeling rich (adding some coffee granules to soup it up a bit, at desk). Go through reception where the girl asks me if I’ve eaten yet for the 900th time. Realise I have forgotten either my security pass, my desk key or my diary. Boss grunts/ignores me/says something ominous. Someone cheerful gets in my face and becomes today’s object of malice. Slump into desk which looks like a recycling depot. Read 796 pointless emails. Delete all from boss. Fantasize about boys/being rich/telling the man where to stick his job/dying in a plane crash.

Prepare yet another series of exciting educational experiences for my dear students. Mark a heap of bizzare essays on worthy topics. Attempt to be helpful and encouraging and give them tips to work on next time. Fail. Steal some change from boss’s desk drawer for the coffee machine.

Note with irritation that key stationery items are missing from my desk drawer and that Hartley has stolen my scissors.

Teach classes. Realise that many of my students are actually pretty cool and I like teaching. I just hate schools. 7-11/Jasons run made at some point in the day to make sure sugar and caffeine levels do not dip below ADHD level.

Walk home, ipodding all the way. Probably dining on nutritious AND delicious fare from the 7-11. Get home. Fall over doorstep fro the 615th time because the light is broken. Watch more CSI Miami and fantasize about Horatio Caine. Fail to take the rubbish out. Swear to go to the gym/write/practice characters tomorrow.

Feed my fish. Post some pointless stuff about self on forumosa. Recharge ipod. Free-floating anxiety about whatever drama du jour i have created.

Bed. Toss and turn, get up to investigate scrabbling noises from the roof rats. Fall asleep at 2 or 3.

At 9pm I left the kids teaching game… never to return

An event that’s gonna stay with me for a long time :beer:

[quote=“Funk500”]At 9pm I left the kids teaching game… never to return

An event that’s gonna stay with me for a long time :beer:[/quote]

No kidding! :beer: So what are you going to do now?

Got out of bed. Ate.
Got on the MRT.
Got on a bus.
Arrived in TaoYuen for work (at 7 AM)
Argued with a few taxi drivers about why I would rather stand at the bus stop than pay them to take me to Taipei.
Got on another bus to come back to Taipei.
Bought my baby lunch.
Passed out handbills for his plug Halloween night show at Riverside with Cherry Boom and Coach. /plug
Bought him a stupid halloween costume.
Failed miserably finding mine. (I wana be a puppy. But not a sexy puppy. Think kids costume for someone 165 cm tall… now tell me where to buy it)
Ate dinner with constant nagging from the honey about how I should eat more and am too thin. (he is local?)
Came here.
Slept in the sound room until just now.
Eventful day, huh?

Yeah, it will… but it’s almost impossible to convince a depressed person of that. The depressed just want to become comfortably numb, IME.[/quote]

Evdentally you’ve never had to deal with serious boutof depression. I don’tknow of one person who is depressed who wants to be comfotably numb. In fact, I take serious offense to what you are posting.

[quote=“Namahottie”]In fact, I take serious offense to what you are posting.[/quote]You are too easily offended, Nama. You don’t have to wear the hat if it doesn’t fit you. :wink:

I went to bed too late last night. I was tired today, and my day went by slowly. Going to bed now. It’s late once again, but I’m sleeping in tomorrow. Maybe I’ll post about my Saturday later.

I get to poop today! Isn’t life grand?

I’ll play!

Up at 7:30 (made not of being up at 7:30 in my notebook)
Checked email and shite
Went for my daily strech (ran bare foot in the mud, everyone needs to do that once.)
Came home and shwered.
Met a friend and early morning chatted with him at the crib (house) about the nature of the universe and evolution of technologies
Had a phone call
Jumped an MRT and Train for work
choked out jdsmith for lecturing me about being late highlight of day :smiley:
Train and then MRT home
ate a sandwich
met a guy in the park to practice Taichi
went out to drink beer with the boys
back home and sleep (after a bowl of rice crispys mixed with cornflakes)
oh, and fell asleep on the couch watching some daft HBO shit

up at 7:30

I did already. And it was!

As I recall it, you were “bat slapped” ! :smiley:

Now GIT yer ASS to work!! There’s a four foot battle axe brandishing Ninja of Death waiting for you!

You’re seriously mistaken. I’ve had to deal with it personally. Repeatedly. And depression and alcoholism also run in my family. You shouldn’t be taking offense at what for me is a very personal experience full of tragedy, having lost both a sister and uncle this way.


Yeah, it will… but it’s almost impossible to convince a depressed person of that. The depressed just want to become comfortably numb, IME.[/quote]

Evdentally you’ve never had to deal with serious boutof depression. I don’tknow of one person who is depressed who wants to be comfotably numb. In fact, I take serious offense to what you are posting.[/quote]I do. You don’t feel bad when you’re unconcious.

Hold on while I channel Tigerman