So what's all this Huoda business?

Saw it on the TV. They seem kind of upset.

They’re ALWAYS upset.

on tv

The DPP laying the foundation for its likely return to power in 2016.

What are you guys doing in this forum? This is a forum for serious discussions.

Here’s an example of the kind of stimulating, informative dialogue that takes place here:

Is not won that round, cause the other fellow got tired, but I give both posters kudos for their perseverance.

Here’s one on the cutting edge:

[quote]The Chinese may have laser-equipped sharks, but the U. S. has nuclear-powered laser-equipped sharks that can be launched from outer space. I seen it at the picture show. But anyway, the U. S. has a personal duty to the Qing Emperor to defend Taiwan to the last man.

By the way, can you legally buy a crossbow here?[/quote]

Now, I don’t mean to intimidate you by the quote immediately above. It’s one of the more esoteric ones, touching upon the kinds of issues that you usually see in academic publications. But I just wanted to make the point that this is not your run-of-the-mill forum. If you wanna fit in, you should lurk awhile and get a feel for the kind of sophisticated, relevant, finger-on-the-pulse discussions that we have here.

Very drole, Charlie Jack.
Yet I’m afraid your description is more apt for the IP forum. These daze, TP is quite benign.

Yeah. I almost miss ac_dropout.

Yeah. I almost miss ac_dropout.[/quote]
Almost. And who was the other chap, from China? cc something, or other.
Such, such were the daze.

Same dude no? They are happy as pigs in shit with this administration. Or maybe not.

Maybe they got bored of it like I did.

What’s next?

Feichang shengqi


I think also after the last two elections the pro-China trolls felt they had won the argument and in some sense they are right. I for one have lost all interest in defending Taiwan when the Taiwanese are pretty indifferent to it themselves.

Yet, hasn’t it always been that way?
What incident really set you off?

Thanks, guys, and with no sarcasm. I was wondering what happened. I thought maybe everybody was just busy or something.

The Taipei Times editorial page usually reads like it was written by DPP Central, but this one (which touches on the Huoda “issue,” though it’s not totally that) was actually well thought-out:

Recalls are a risky non-policy

If they keep writing like that, maybe I’ll start to buy their paper again. Though it’s more likely that the person who wrote that editorial gets fired - but one can only hope.

Besides the usual national identity partisanship (the worst kind ever… well perhaps besides the religious vs. those who are going to hell), Taiwan’s economy really isn’t doing well. Even though the world economy is slowly growing, Taiwan’s economy continues to fall. Many economy expert have predicted this as the outcome of ECFA, the trade agreement that gave a lot of Taiwan’s industrial and agricultural advantages away to China. The KMT and Ma government back then promised ECFA doesn’t compromise Taiwan’s sovereignty that much (signed not as nation to nation, but a in nation special regional deal), and in return Taiwan will see rapid economic growth. Like all other KMT promises, like 633 promised by Ma, or if the economy did not achieve 633 he would resign, or if his approval rating is below 18% he would resign, or will not allow imports of American beef, none of it were true. So I’d say people have a right to be angry. I’m always angry at the KMT, but those who weren’t should take a good look at the man and the party that has been trying to run Taiwan into the ground since 1945.

The bottom line is that people are afraid to vote for DPP, they do not trust DPP, and there are no other options. So, even if they do not vote for KMT, they will still not vote for DPP enough to give it control of the Legislature so it could have teh chance to really do something. … if it had the will/ability/knowledge to do so.

In the meantime, I see dangerous policies that I would have thought were pan green populist scare tactics actually being carried out -to the point I can easily see one day when Chinese workers will be let in en masse, thus lowering salaries even more- because there has been so much nonsense going on that one does not wanna know what is going to happen next, one expects the worst. And without confidence the economy is striking a halt.

Yes I’m looking for the list in English of approved ‘policy recommendations’ from the recent national economic conference.

It’s very depressing reading. Do you have that Icon, you could post it?

[quote=“headhonchoII”]Yes I’m looking for the list in English of approved ‘policy recommendations’ from the recent national economic conference.

It’s very depressing reading. Do you have that Icon, you could post it?[/quote]

In English? Not at hand, sorry.

I’ve seen a list of some main points in English. I will look for it again. This is to let people know that KMT and big business in bed together are not good for this country.

Key points that I recall

  • move the foreign worker ratio to 40% of total workforce in companies
  • make it easier to fire workers and implement unpaid leave
  • decouple minimum wage laws for foreign workers and local workers
  • make it easier to bring in Chinese managers to Taiwan
  • remove right of EPA to block industrial projects and new local government science parks
  • open more free trade zones where ‘special regulations’ can be implemented

There were some good policies too but a lot of it was straight up exploit workers and ignore the environment stuff.

My question is: that kind of manufacture left the island long ago, is already settled elsewhere,… do they really expect it to come back? Why? Elvis left the building ages ago. Why is it pricing the only item they want to compete in? Bceause it is teh only one they know? But it doesn’t work anymore… They keep saying th elocal market is too small, yet they cannot produce competitive enough products for international markets. Not even China buys crappy stuff anymore. So, what gives?

I suspect, and HHII can correct me as you know a lot more about business than I do, that Taiwan is a bargain these days as educated generally good quality workers can be had for a pittance. If the real dirty work can be done cheaply by foreign labor and Taiwanese do administrative, secretarial, sales, etc, at NT22,000 a month then companies will be doing better than in China.

It’s dreary as hell out these days and as icon says the ridiculous or even paranoid speculations of a few years ago are becoming reality.