So where do you go a seeking for your warm blanket?

Where would one go about seeking their Taipei Tom or Tammy Taiwan?

Besides the obvious locales in Taipei (sorry for those in other cities), you’ve got your old standbys: Carnegies, Luxy, Ministry of Sound (MOS). Then you’ve got the regular gatherings of folks like Oriented Happy Hours (last Thursday of each month), Organized Flirting(bi-cultural and bi-lingual speed dating), Forumosa Happy Hours (2nd week of each month), AMCham, Alleycat’s. Standard lounge places where *BCs hang out like Room18, MINT, Naomi, Champagne, Plush are also usual suspects.

Maybe the focus ought to be, “who are you looking for?” Then scour the city for those places where your chances of those “who” types are located (such as Forumosa’s Dating & Relationships Forum :smiley: … I’m utterly shameless I know :sunglasses:)

Starbucks is a good place. As is almost any coffee shop.

I’ll tell you what, I never used to believe that “Starbucks is a good place to pick up” thing, but I’ve started to come around in the past week or so…

You guys and gals must be getting desparate…

As a black forgien woman, I have thrown in the towel…This place works only for the guys…;

What kind of guys are you looking for? if you tell us that, we will tell you where to look…

Tetsuo, it sounds like there is a story behind your Starbucks conversion. Do tell!!! :smiley:

Not much of a story. In fact, pretty ordinary, but considering my success rate in Taiwan to date, any success at all is a surprise :laughing:

I’ve met a lot of people who use coffee as a ‘pick-me-up’ to help them come round in the morning, but this thread is about finding new friends.

I don’t drink coffee. Any other ideas?


I don’t drink coffee. Any other ideas?[/quote]

How about a tea house?

Or a place serving beer?

(Disregard the last one, that’s too crazy :wink: )

From ImaniOU’s Dating in Taiwan Vault O’ Knowledge:

the MRT.

…and that was the extent of what I know about dating in Taiwan.

I’m with namastestore on this on…

Again, it’s the leading reason for why I know I will not be a lifer in Taiwan.

No one told me Taiwan was BYOB for black women…Bring Your Own Boyfriend. You’d think they’d include that on an FAQ or something. :ponder:

There are plenty of stores where you can B (buy) YOB, of course it’s a BOB, so maybe one should say BYOBOB, here in the Greater Taipei Metropolitan Area (GTMA).



But if you want something better than a Bob, then you have to BYOBOBOB (buy your own bob or better). In any case, I ain’t getting none.

and let’s not even start on the lesbian scene here…
reason #321 why I won’t be a lifer here.

Yep, living in Taiwan really presents certain “challenges”. Heh, that’s a favorite saying of mine to folks wondering how I’ve taken to living here. That usually prompts them to ask more questions or throws them into an ackward silence of “ok, what the heck is that supposed to mean?”

Not really helpful but to get some things in life, it takes a little longer and a little more effort than would be expected … not to mention dodging the usual potholes along the road :neutral:

Do people understand the reasons for so many coffee shops in Taiwan/Taipei? It’s expressly for the picking up and picked up crowds. This is a case where “being native” is a really beneficial thing :wink:

hmm… let’s take that into consideration…

Started university, was in a steady relationship after the first month.

Been in Taiwan for over three years, nothing long-term’s turned up.

Perhaps I should rethink my plans of leaving Taiwan…Following your advice, YC, I’ll live to be 4000.

Bring your own boyfriend–a lot of truth to that–as for me–a few years of the Taiwan xiao-jies will make one crave for a taste of his home town brew. The problem is mainly that if you are western and want a man you gotta be damn hot because your local competition is fierce. This seems to be the downfall of many a foreign lass.

[quote=“bushibanned”]and let’s not even start on the lesbian scene here…
reason #321 why I won’t be a lifer here.[/quote]

I’m not sure I understand this. Are you saying the lesbian scene is bad?

Mmmm… lesbian scenes… :homer: