So where does a Taiwanese born expat meet new friends?


Even though I’ve grown up telling the whole world I am Taiwanese, every time I’m back in my own country I feel like a stranger. This is probably due to the fact that after the first six years in my life, I’ve never lived here for more than two months at a time.

So barring dating apps, as I am already in a long term relationship, and Meetup groups - what are the different avenues the savvy people on this forum find interesting people to meet?

Though I’m not averse to befriending locals, sometimes it feels like there is a huge cultural gap with some people seemingly fascinated/disturbed by my jokes. Especially since it is coming from a Taiwanese looking girl (who should really be demure, and doing age appropriate things).

It would be really cool to meet people who are kind of like a cultural Schroedinger’s cat. Belonging and not belonging at the same time.


I regular play with my basketball group on Tuesday. We rent out a court for 2 hours. I play baseball with my team Saturday. I sparr with some guys on Monday morning. So I guess find your interests. In the beginning most of my friends were party friends because that’s what I liked to do. Now being in a relationship myself I don’t really want to party and it’s not the healthiest for my body.

What kind of interests do you have. If you stick around long enough on here, we have a group that meets up monthly for dinner once you post enough and stay active you can see the invite. I know guys like @ranlee cycle and has a group that does it. @Rocket also plays baseball.

I also chill with some army buddy’s I have that are local for dinner once in a while.


Where did grow up and spend most of your lifetime?

Many ABCs from California or CBCs from Vancouver don’t think Taiwan is too different to blend in, for obvious reasons.


In Sanchong :joy: – if you enjoy sniffing glue.


A raccoon playing baseball, that I gotta see.


Any who, OP, I’m on board with Andrew’s response. I was in your shoes about 3.5 years ago and was epically lost as to how to make friends. The gf was a bit concerned since she knew I was getting fed up with spending 100% of my free time with her. I had tried making friends through the hobbies I had in the states, but it just didn’t work out as I wish it did.

Yes, there will always be a culture gap, I don’t have too much issue interacting with my local friends and getting along with them, but when they start referencing Steven Chow movies, I get lost.

To answer your question, like Andrew said, look towards your interests or pick up something new. If you bump into mostly locals, someone will know someone who knows someone that has similar tastes or hobbies as you. Be patient, get yourself out there in an activity and you’ll meet people. It took me almost a full year after my good friends left for him to find my next group of friends.

I got some friends in similar predicament as you, feel free to shoot me a PM if you wanna come out one of the nights for a leisure drink and chat with everyone!


To be fair, it’s mostly meth and special K these days.


Hahaha. Yeah. I’m the same way. I look forward to my time away from her or her time away from me with her friends. As much as I like her, sometimes I just need to be with other people without her.