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I’ve got a couple of questions, hoping if someone could help me out:

Short infos about me:
A Swiss citizen, relocated to TW in November 2013. Currently on VISA excemption.
Taking Mandarin class in NTNU. Sports coach specialized in athletics, holding a licence.

How is the situation for sports coaches (soccer, athletics)?
Salary perspective? Working documents?

Your help will be much appreciated!

Few and far between. Football is not popular in these parts. Japan has a lot more opportunities and even then you have a lot of barriers of entry.
To make decent money as a football coach you could try the International schools here. You would have an advantage if you have had some form of professional career in the past (i.e: My ex-coach was in the first team for Ajax in the 1980’s before injury forced retirement).

There are some semi-professional teams around Taiwan but nothing lucrative, its more for fun and enjoyment.

To get in touch with some semi-pro clubs go look at Facebook/pubs. Taipei Riverside Magpies is a club I can think of.
On Tap and Brass Monkey have their own teams.

I have friends working as coaches here so its not impossible. Sports are on the rise here in a big way and soccer is no exception.

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Thanks @hs172, @the bear and @teggs.

I’m looking for details regarding benefit packages, further insights.



[quote=“Deuce Dropper”]benefits:


biandang shenme?

[quote=“Salin”][quote=“Deuce Dropper”]benefits:


biandang shenme?[/quote]

lunch box/bento

This probably isn’t what you are thinking of, but in Taiwan there are companies that do sports for kids. Rather than doing them through schools, there will be someone who has equipment and runs year round classes several afternoons and Saturdays. It’s definitely its own niche. What level of coaching are you wanting to do?