What sort of a soccer scene is there in Taipei? I am a recreational player who is looking to join a co-ed or moderate level league in order to maintain my shape and meet new people. Please respond / private message if you know of any such goings on ! Thanks.

Several teams exist who either play just for fun or sometimes organise friendly games and tournaments. More recently, the Tavern Permier League has been formed which comprises of eight teams playing matches every other Sunday.

The following is a link the B52s Football Club. Open sessions are held every Saturday afternoon in Shilin. All are welcome.

as i have mentioned before, there are games every week in nei li for anyone in the chung li/taoyuan area. they take place at yuan ze university. a group of foreigners go, and there are a lot of thais/filipinos, as well as some chinese who come out. sometimes more than 25 (too many) and sometimes not so bad.

i make it out once or twice a month with school/work/new baby, but i’m hoping to get out a little more in the summer.

we do like to go out to long tan to play where the air is fresh, but we need numbers for that. usually we’re 3 on 3, we’d like at least 5 a side. there’s usually rides from taoyuan, and from chung li it’s not too far to scooter out there.

please pm if you want more details.
i can give you a buddy’s number who is game every weekend. i’m booked unitl july … :frowning:

To stir it up a bit… There is another team participating in the Tavern Premier League as well as in a pretty competetive Chinese/Foreign League called BML. You can check the following link for more infos

Training session is Wednesday evening at Shipai.

watch out for those animals!

they’ll bite yer legs

There is often something going on at Shipai high school; Tuesday and Thursday nights some guys from Inter United play, but they play the full pitch even for 7 a side and they moan at people who don’t pass.

There is another team too. The Red Lions also play in the local tavern premier league and the foreign/chinese bml.
We train at the national stadium on Thursday evenings and usually go for a drink afterwards as we are as much a social club as a football one.

the red lions seem like a good bunch. i’d try them first.

some of them are from the south of england though, so you might have a hard time understanding them.