Soccer Jerseys

Anyone know a place that sells soccer (i.e. football) jerseys at a reasonable price? I’m looking for Switzerland in particular.

You’ll be interested in this then…

Football shirts are VERY HARD to find in Taiwan.

The Global Mall on Zhongshan Rd in Zhonghe (right before you cross the boundary in to Banqiao) has a stand selling lots of football-themed stuff (2nd floor). They had England shirts (sold out) and they still have a few France, Japan and Australia shirts (I was in there at lunchtime today). Didn’t see any official Switzerland shirts, but they do have unofficial t-shirts with Switzerland written on them.

I think you can buy Chinese Taipei football shirts at the head office of the Chinese Taipei Football Association, which is inside the Zhongshan Soccer Stadium, on the 2nd floor (on Zhongshan North Road Section 3, Taibei).

Nike sports shops and other spots shops sells unofficial footbal jerseys and some official looking ones. I found some in their huge shop in ShiLin not far from the night market.

ya, i bought the football shirts for germany at the adidas store near zhonxiao dunhua mrt station.