Socializing Tibetan mastiff puppy, pet sitting, pet taxi

I have a two month old Tibetan mastiff puppy. I want to socialize her to lots of different people adults kids and dogs.

If you are a pet sitter, dog walker or just anyone who wants to look after the dog for a while or a day and feed her treats so that she follows you and becomes a new friend please contact me. If you have children and they can also give her treats carefully that is good too.

If you are interested please contact me. Can pay standard rate. Since she will grow into a big dog I want the puppy to have good experiences with lots of people but am having trouble giving her that through meeting people naturally so far, so please contact me if you can help.

I have been doing a dog training course here in Taipei so I can quiickly show you what I am looking for you to do which is basically luring her and giving her food and just being nice to her. As I said if you can have your kids do this carefully that would be great so she can grow up to like children and she will then be safe around them.

Note, She can’t meet dogs that aren’t up to date with all their vaccines till end of April.

I am also looking for a pet taxi service (who can take me and my dog somewhere) so if you know one in Taipei please let me know, many thanks!