Soda company fined over contamination of Apple Sidra

and look how tall you are. maybe they put growth hormones as secret ingredient

If I ever have a kid, I’m going to put them on the same diet as me as a kid lol.

My mom is 162, my dad is maybe 175, my sister is 155 lol. Either they picked up the wrong baby, or my diet was on point.

some say, maybe just as talking point, that Taiwanese born/raised overseas are “bigger” (boned) due to drinking more pasteurized milk (from all those cows with hormones) in US or elsewhere.

I’m lactose intolerant. Many parents have tried to use me as an example to eat or drink something like vegetables and milk. I flat out told them I’m lactose intolerant and never drank milk nor did I eat much vegetables as a kid (I do now).

then you indeed are an extreme outlier on the Bell curve

Honestly, I’m not sure if there is causation. Just know that I drank a fair bit and my stomach didn’t cause me any trouble.

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Vitaly is nice

U can get lactose free milk

I don’t really like the taste after not drinking it before. Plus milk is made to make young calf’s grow into huge cows. It’ll make you fat, not much reason for adults to drink it. It’s not really good for you like the dairy industry has made it.

Also don’t want to get gynecomastia from all the hormones in milk.

INB4 the dairy shills come and attack me.
Also this you dairy shills. A lot of people are lactose intolerant.
Stop shilling your milk in taiwan, it’s making lots of people have sore stomachs.
But you shills probably want that don’t you? Then you can shill them stomach pills to cure their stomach problems which all Taiwanese seem to have…hmmm…

True I thought they remove the lactose but no they add something to sort of neutralize the effect but it does change the taste and not to the better.

I’m not lactose intolerant but I found Fairlife brand to be not different tasting between lActose free or regular

I’ve never liked milk in general, they tried to give me goat milk when I was a kid because I couldn’t drink regular milk. :face_vomiting:

I do like soy or almond milk here and there. But they tend to add too much sugar for me.

dairy milk can be a good option for younger guys trying to pack on some weight if theyre under weight. I’ve seen football players shove peanut butter sandwiches and milk down and gain a couple pounds a week.

That’s a Coca Cola product, a kind of frankenmilk. I buy this in the US, even though it’s not quite milk. Fairlife adds lactase enzyme directly for the (supposed) benefit of those who are lactose intolerant. The “2% milk” version of Fairlife has half the carbs and twice the protein of the real deal, something like 13g of protein per one-cup serving.

I actually like it, especially the chocolate milk. All of their milks are more expensive, though.

Faik the lactase is added to all lactose free milk and does make the milk taste different.
Didnt know it was part of Coca Cola

Don’t quite know what they do to increase protein levels and remove sugars …supposedly with filters

In other words, you were so drunk that you didn’t even realize you had a bout of dysentery, and by the time you sobered up it was over. :sunglasses:

I suggest you be very careful with this kind of talk, or I may have to send some of my goons to “talk” some sense into you. Messing with this dairy cow’s livelihood could be much worse for your health than a little “lactose intolerance.” Seriously? This is something only decadent hipsters, limp-wristed milquetoasts, Canadians and girly-men suffer from.

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Hello darkness, my old friend :apple:

An apple sidra with some frozen berries added is a delightful treat.

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I drink one can religiously once a year. Mustn’t overindulge.


they consistently make me.sick. I too tend to try once a year, always regret.

I usually prefer a good ol can of expired KKK white fungus sitting in the heat over that poison.

but let’s be real. Pepsi or coke are probably just doing their occasional f*co the competition phone calls :upside_down_face: We all know to expect some mold and yeast in our production lines, do we not?