I just bought one for the gf and she loves it. We like drinking sparkling water, but buying bottle after bottle from the convenient store is just not environmentally friendly.

So far we’ve tried a mix of water and sports drink that wasn’t too bad.

What did it set you back?

Sorry, can you expand on this?

I read about this before, are the post-hack cartridges available and cheap even here?

I’ve had it for a while and don’t remember exactly, but I think I got it on sale for around 2000 NTD.

If you have a Sodastream in a place where tap water is just as drinkable as bottled water, you’re saving more money. In Taiwan, you either buy bottled water for the Sodastream, use your filter at home (which you also pay for), or boil your own water and wait for it to cool (which I do, but it is time consuming at times).

I’m not positive. My friend actually just went to a scooter shop and used a Co2 cartridge they had. He paid almost nothing for it and goes back to the scooter shop all of the time. Personally, I’ve never really minded paying Sodastream for refills. If you refill the same tank as opposed to buying a new one, they don’t charge that much.

We do the same, but have a few large water containers so we don’t have to be boiling water every day.

Ah so. We B&B all our drinking water at home anyways, so it’s about the same

Scooter shop, huh?

I’ve seen guys posting deep hacks online where they actually have full SCUBA-size CO2 tanks with their own homemade dispenser rig attached, and they refill the tanks somewhere local. Costs like a couple cents for gallons.

I use a different one, SodaSparkle:

It’s portable and very convenient. Great for the workplace!

I have one, works well. CO2 refills cost 550 at any “Hengstyle” shop.

My local Welcome and PX Mart sells Carbonated Water for 39 per liter.
How much does Soda Stream come out to per Liter?

That’s a really good price! 550nt for 60liters of water that’s 9nt/liter.


By the way, which models are you using? I found a deal for sodastream play for 2990 on citiesocial

I like it. It saves some money compared to buying bottled sparkling water and there’s also the convenience of always being on our table.

Is it food grade?

It’s just a Co2 canister. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

It’s a real thing

yes but it depends on how much CO2 you put in each bottle. I doubt it lasts for the said 60 litres of water. I can’t be bothered to count though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Ok so I found this place where you can either fill Soda Stream bottles for 150 NTD
OR you can buy a larger CO2 bottle and fill it with their food grade CO2 for like 250nt and it has a Sodastream adapter to fill at home (prob good for 10-20 fills of your 600ml sodastream CO2). A lot of good reviews from locals who get their Sodastream refills there. Im going to check it out this weekend.大華氣體行有限公司/@25.0627057,121.5334477,17.23z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sCO2!3m4!1s0x0:0xdb9cd10232c04b9f!8m2!3d25.063748!4d121.5327452

How do you know it’s really food grade?

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Ill find out when I go this weekend.

They gave us an ‘inspection data sheet’ detailing contents/specs of the CO2. We bought a big (2 cubic meter) cyclinder, the green one their website.

Yes me too got the 26L green metal cylinder. 700not for a fill, should last me a year. I didn’t know there were diff grades of CO2…