Soft beds


Any recommendations for a soft mattress? Preferably one that I can test, or return after a while?






Yes, Ikea has plenty of soft options. Make sure you go on a weekend, so you don’t have to try the mattress on your own. Rumor has it that plenty of foreigners met their partners while mattress shopping at Ikea.



Bennis ( 班尼斯名床). I got a foam mattress there, tested out ahead of time in store.

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Just a follow up on this post - I ended up doing a fair amount for searching. I had 3 beds on my shortlist - Ikea (15 year guarantee, 30 day trail period) Hola (lots of choices, 30 day trail, 20 year guarantee), but if you dont like the bed, they don’t give you the cash, just a voucher to shop in their store. Finally, I went with Derek bed . Excellent service. They only offer a 10 day trail period, but after 9 days I went back, still unsure, I and they told me take as much time as you want to test the bed. I can highly recommend them. I end up buying a matress of almost 40k, but it is super comfy, long guarantee, hypoallergenic and what not.

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I shouldn’t do that. My inner Taiwanese would be tempted to abuse that to see how far I can push the envelope.



wait, are you saying they’re quite happy to take back a three-month old mattress, complete with a collection of dubious stains, and re-sell it to somebody else?

Honestly, it’s bad enough wondering what’s been smeared on the funny-shaped chairs in motel rooms, without worrying about this sort of thing.



lol really?



Yes, IKEA has plenty of soft mattress options.