Softball in Taipei


Still going strong and always looking for more players!!


Still going strong and always looking for more players!


That fb page is all in Chinese or did I miss the English details?


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I am currently trying to start a group/team for baseball or softball in the Taipei / New Taipei city area, practice once a week on the weekend and batting cage once a week during one of the weekdays in the evening time. No day or time have been set in stone yet, but I am hoping to form a group of guys that either want to play in league ( when we have enough committed players ) or just want to come out and throw some balls. If you are of interest, please leave a message or PM me. :sunglasses:


Those of you who are looking to either practice or join a team.

We are currently starting a baseball / softball team, but those that just want to come throw some balls and field some balls are also welcome.

Practice Location: Guan Shan Riverside Park
Time: Every Sat 0800




I could be interested depending on the days.

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Glad to have you on our team Ed!!

Just to let everyone know, this team is picking up steam and already have 8 people weekly and 2 from this site. :sunglasses:


Just a quick update, we are picking up steam and have about 8 people coming out, so if you want play ball come out, or just throw some balls and play catch!! All are welcome !!! :sunglasses:


Things have went very well, we are now playing in 2 leagues in that area, if anyone wants to play or just simply practice, stop or or msg me.



Still going strong gents, for those that want to join a team to play league games or just want to come out and practice / toss some balls, feel free to click the FB team page for more info!!


Still on going, feel free to hit me up.


Still going strong !!! Got 2-3 active players from this site!!!




Still going strong, send a PM if interested!!



I’m only interested in baseball. What days do you guys play


The FB page I posted is a softball team for Saturday, if you interested in baseball, it is on Sunday and skill level got to be above avg. Let me know if u interested.


Thanks for the grave-diggery. Seriously.

The hockey boys, or The Taipei Gentlemen’s Hockey Club (The Gents, for short, TGHC in brief), barely able to secure enough frozen water to sate our insatiable needs, have turned our attention to the softer of balls.

We entered a team into the humongous league (rumoured to be upwards of 120 squads) playing out of riverside Neihu most Sundays. Being superior athletes, we found ourselves ensconced, mid-league in The “C” Division. We were summarily handed our hats every game with an early end due to the mercy rule. Mid-season, we were relegated straight to “F”. We barely won our first two (and only) F Div games.

So cocky we are, we now have, for the 2019 season, an “F” and an “E” league team. Lots of games ahead. Lots of great guys and yes, we even have a female infielder, so ladies, you are welcome to try out/hang out with us.

Non-game weekends, we get together in a big field (diamonds are almost as rare as ice) at FuHe riverside for some BP and fun.

Game days are great for the families too. There is the cover of a huge overpass for those rainy days (only typhoons cancel ball). And our WAGS are the best WAGS in the biz.

We are sponsored by The Poutinerrie and Moosehead and regulary meet at The Shack for some moosies.

So here’s The Gent’s Website. Our schedule can be found on the calendar therein. Come hang out with us, cheer us on, laugh your asses off at these hockey players, one of the most difficult games to play, trip and fumble over ourselves trying to play one of the simplest games ever invented. And a soft version, at that.