Software developer in Taiwan with experience and without computer science degree

Yea, I definitely agree with you. I had to stay up till 4am for meetings every day. Thankfully, we are expending. My engineering work on ad had generated the company millions of dollars per month which is 4x of our initial revenue. That is the only reason they put up with me working overseas for 2 months.

But, I’m definitely replaceable, so need to go back.

Software development does not need any type of degree the most important thing is that you have enough experienced and skill set but most of the multinational company want CS degree at times its a prerequisite… So conclude depend on your expertise and communication skills…

Just an update since i’m now back in the states. I took the liberty of scouting for work in Taiwan discussing with multiple employees/employers across different companies. The girl i was initially seeing did not work out. So, i’ll stay in the states. Below are for people who might be interested. Knowing the right connection helps a lot. (got relatives there)

Apparently, the maximum monthly salary for software engineer (actual offer) is 200k per month for foreigners who can speak and write both English and Chinese fluently. Did not get to the degree part. My assumption is that with 5 years+ experience from a multi-national U.S. company would be sufficient. A hong kong student havnt graduated from College were receiving 130k per month. He developed an app. Similar situation as I developed a research program from scratch for Standford University and help developed a pipeline for full scale localization for another company.

As for just taiwanese citizens’ typical salaries, 130K for software engineer as manager for most companies. 60k for average software engineers.

FYI, that 200k per month consist of setting up GCP compute engine to UI/UX design, framework design, and anything in between. I had also done cloud dev machine to prod deployment through puppet enterprise. Basically full stack software developer.

FYI, must be dual citizen!!!