Software Download Sites


I am looking for more free software download sites. I am looking for similar ones to the ones I have listed below, the sites should be somewhat extensive and cover a wide range of software specifically for windows.

I already know about the following sites:




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Nonags is (IMHO) the best. So where’s my karma donation? :smiley:


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Here are a few more sites:


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If you could read Chinese here are some free software downloads. :sunglasses:


Acedown doesn’t seem to be working for me today - maybe it’s been closed down.


Are these all try before you buy sites?

For bootleg, I find Kazaa to be a very handy tool.


I’m really not looking for programs to try before you buy, I would like free software, much like the sites that I mentioned in my original post, but even some of the programs they have are demos or shareware which means eventually you have to pay for them…