Software to create and administer a library

I’m looking to set up smallish library of English books for our students… it will be a lending style library…

Anyone know of English language software that I can use… either hosted or in Windows XP to run and create a library. Ideally we’d be using a swipe (like in the supermarket) for data entry…

Ideally, I’d like to run such software on the net… as PHP but don’t know of any opensource software to create such a database.


I quickly did a bit of Googling and turned up these;

OpenBiblio - Hosted on on-site server but I imagine that could probably be modified. This is a full tutorial on how to set up a library and it looks like it might suit you.
Book Collector - WinXP. Looks to be more for personal library but it does allow you to use a barcode scanner. The pro version lets you track loans.
There are a few library solutions out there for Mambo/Joomla but I really don’t see the point of running a full Content Management System just to use this library functionality. I couldn’t find any current/working pages for any so I can’t tell you what they’re like either.

Good luck. Keen to hear how you get on.

Yep. I know about openbiblio but didn’t much like the fact that I’d have to get my hands ‘dirty’… I need to get a job done and don’t want to spend too much under the hood. In fact, I’ve already tested several other apps for similar reasons and found problems, so many so that it would have taken days to get a working system together.

I’ll likely go with BookCollector on XP with a reader or gun. Should be fine for our purposes, it has a lending module, too.

Thanks for your help!