Software to make a movie?

I want to make a movie about a trip I made to India last year.

I have 1000’s of photos and some video clips as well.

I want to have narration and music.

Does anyone have any advice on what software I should get?

The equivalent of Final cut pro but for PC is what I am looking for.

I use Adobe Premier. Like Photoshop, it takes a bit of work to figure it out, but when you do it is really good.

You can get away using Windows Movie Maker. It’s free at least.

Yeah, I’m trying that. But it doesn’t support .mov extentions.

How can I convert my .mov to .avi?

Using Quicktime Pro…I believe

I’ve used VisualStudio with excellent results.

I found this FREE tool to convert .mov to .avi

If you were looking for a Final Cut alternative, you’d be looking at products that Final Cut is replacing, like those from Avid.