Solar gas cloud

am reading all over the place about a solar gas cloud that is gonna be here tomorrow. they expect it to mess-up all kinds of electronic stuff. is this a potential threat to aviation? my flight home is torrow and sure as heck don’t want to be soaring in the air in the biggest blast of this kind since the 1850’s. that one took out telegraph systems. my paranoid fears are making this into quite a issue.

any deep thoughts?


well i hope you didn’t read that other article in the paper where it said flight attendents tested had higher instances of skin cancer due to less atmospheric protection at higher altitudes :wink:

in a brighter sense, pardon the pun, it’s not the first time the Earth has been bombarded by a large solar flare and I haven’t heard of any planes dropping out of the sky :smiley:

thanks. i’ll take that one as a “don’t know”.

the last one of this magnitude, again, was in the 1850’s. not too many high tech airplanes flying prior to the war between the states. if a cell phone can whack a plane out, even momentarily, it’ll be interesting to see how our high tech knowledge takes an old fashioned, huge, power surge.

Well, in Taiwan at least it has nothing to do with the sun. The wife made a big pot of lu dou tang and, well, you folks with cell phones know the rest of the story…

So perhaps that explains my bad mood yesterday, and my colleagues’ too!


has anyone actually read about a cell phone incident where it has actually distrupted an airplane during takeoff :?: very curious if something like this has ever happened :!:

There’s actually very little evidence that electronics cause problems with airplane systems. The only documented case I’ve heard of was of an flight where a CD player supposedly interfered with the aircraft communications system, but the proof was pretty weak. I’ve read that in private aircraft cell phones are used frequently without any ill effect. Airlines just don’t want to be blamed in case something happens.

Here’s a pic of a solar flare with and a little tiny earth to scale. … ry002.html

Don’t let Formosa see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a pic of the gas flames affecting Taiwan…

I had no idea the earth was so close to the Sun. No wonder it’s so hot here.

Hmmm…This brings to mind…Orson welles, Circa 1938.
I belive that was around if not the day of Halloween as well.