Solar New Years Resolutions for 2021

Try to write more on forumosa in order to improve my poor English.

It will be at your expense and I apologise in advance.


Capital E on the English. :laughing:

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Hey back in shape and less procrastinating

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Same here.

Plus get my business going.

Oh and cook more. Especially for the cats and dog.

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Your vocabulary will be, eh, enriched? Diversified?

Words fail me.

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Mine is to workout less.


nothing to be apologised.

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What are you gonna do if nobody is interested in your new Slut Mode?

Think I’ll at least spend my two weeks’ quarantine doing some proper Chinese vocab-building. If I don’t get bored with it I’ll carry on doing it.

Also ought to dust off my bass and practice. It’s been languishing in a corner for a couple of years now.

I see your point, and reading is easy… :wink:
The differences in details and language structure between English and le français (with no capital F…) is something else. (at least for me)

Happy new year to you !! :champagne:


Ah French.

Ma mère est une enseignante de français. Je suis une traître.


Find the Mrs

Work on health

I’m going to keep some new habits i’ve started recently. Including cold showers, they are the best!!

Say, “no” more often.


I’ve got a movie recommendation for you


As Calvin would say, I’m perfect the way I am- it’s the rest of the world that has to change to please me

Is it a restaurant for cats & dogs?


Improve my English communicative skills!


My cooking is not going well. Garbage bags still full of delivery containers.

Worst of all: I am organizing my cook books right, getting new ones too, to motivate me to cook. I order online a cool breakfast title I saw in a cool café near Taipei 101. Got it used, real cheap. Well, I discovered I already have it. My original copy is new. :wall:

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Hahaha ha. So much for cheap.

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