Solaris is a

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Just rented this. I thought it was interesting and a very different performance from Clooney. I notice that on the Web, many people didn’t understand it and/or hated it.
You think ______?

I had read a couple of VERY enthusiastic critics on German newspapers and magazines, so I made Rascal take me to see it. And - I loved it. I was completely stunned and breathless afterwards, and it took me several minutes to regain my composure. I was the only one of the about 8 people in the theatre, though.

However, when Rascal asked me to explain it to him, I couldn’t. It’s definitely a love or hate movie. It either makes totally sense to you personally or it doesn’t seem to make sense at all. I tried to get my neighbour to lend me the book. But he hasn’t found it yet.

Haven’t met anybody else so far who liked it :?