[SOLD] 4 Operable PCs, monitors, cables, peripherals, etc package deal

Selling four formatted pcs + monitors that were used for a small language classroom using online multimedia and language acquisition software. Could easily handle the same setting again or be useful for a day trader, reseller… I don’t know what else people really do with a bunch of computers.

Pick-up only in Banqiao, you welcome to my home and test all pcs and inspect their working condition before buying. Make sure you arrange a way to take it with you (a large suitcase/plastic tote + a friend/vehicle)

10,000NT is a deal in my opinion, it is low because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling off individually. If someone offers me a fair price for one or two computers I may be more flexible.

The PCs are all loaded with legal versions of Windows and are ASUS-H-D320SF models which were bought in NOVA in late 2018 and used for six months. Please do research on the specs of this computer model. They were more than capable of what I needed them for, but do not expect to play AAA games on them.

The four monitors are is follows: lg 22mp57hq (22"), lg 22mp58vq (22"), benq vz2350-t (23")x2
6 sets of compact wireless keyboard/mice

Thanks for your interest

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I’m interested :slight_smile:

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