[SOLD] Gogoro 2 Plus - white - NT$29,000 - 23,305 km - Wanhua, Taipei

My Taiwan journey is coming to an end for now, and I’m selling my Gogoro 2 Plus scooter. The scooter is white and has 23,305 km on it. I bought it about 5 months ago for NT$34,000 when it had around 20,000 km on it. It works great (gets up to 95 kph on roads where you can go that fast, very zippy) and I’ve had no major issues with it.

I’m based in Ximending in the Wanhua district of Taipei.

I’ve added a phone mount (see picture) and will also include some chain lubricant.

I need to sell it in the next two weeks, so please message soon if you’re interested!

You’ve been riding it on the highway?

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I’m interested but where are you ?

Sorry I mean on roads like the one that goes beneath the highway in Yilan.

Good question :upside_down_face: I’m in Ximending in Taipei. I’ve added that info to the main post too.

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I’m guessing Brian has already snapped this up?

No not yet.

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I’ll see what happens tomorrow. if that goes OK I might try and grab it. Unless you beat me to it.

I sold this to a person on FB Marketplace! Will update the title.


Ah, @tempogain updated it for me. I don’t think I had permission to update the title anyway (?)

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