Sole Trader in Taiwan - is it Feasible?

I am married to a Taiwanese woman and in the future I would like to open an adult English School. Initially I do not want to go to the expense of registering a business and paying for an accountant (although I want to do things by the book). I might just teach weekends in a rented room to see if the business had potential.

Does anyone out there run a “business” as a sole trader and if so what is the process and the legalities involved?

Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated…I need to become my own boss :sunglasses:

If you’re serious about wanting to do things “by the book” then you’ll definitely need to register, get licensed, hire an accountant, etc. Especially the accountant. And an agent to take you through the labyrinth of fire regulations, etc.
On the other hand, if you’re on a JFRV and you decide to take in some students in your home on a Sunday, I doubt very much that anything’ll bad will happen to you. That, though, won’t really give you very much idea of what running a legal school is like, I don’t think.