Solid, durable, reliable 220 to 110 power converter

Anybody have recommendations on where to find one in Hsinchu/Miaoli, and worst case scenerio: Taipei (Banchiao area)?

We are not worthy!
I refer to one of those heavy-duty boxes, not those cheap, dangerous, circuit-frying rinky-dink little power converter “plugs” that you can find for 100 nt at an RT mart!

Thanks. :notworthy:

I bought a heavy duty one from B&Q in Nankan, Taoyuan, which is just off Freeway 1.

Quite hard to find as it is more an industrial thing, so no flashy box or anything, but it works great.
It must weigh about 8-10 lbs but it handles upto 1600w and it works equally as well converting 220->110 and the other way 110->220.

It cost about $1200.

Thanks! :notworthy:

If you’re in Xinzhu you can go to Guangfu Rd., the section opposite the Qinghua University (Starbuck, Nova, 3C …), walk up in the direction of the Science Park and you’ll find a few electronics stores selling parts, they have what you need. Xpet.