Some answers about divorce in Taiwan

Good point. I was just assuming he had one or he would have simply left the country. Wasn’t the marriage-based residence/work permit replaced by an equivalent APRC a couple of years back? I thought they had basically been combined, such that marriage got you an APRC except with a different set of requirements.

that’s the part you need to make a really careful decision. If you’re really too scared to boot yourself out, rent a place on your own, you can just continue staying in your marriage. Yes, you want your freedom, but freedom comes at a high price.

If your only problem is where will you live after you get your divorce, find an affordable rent like a room for about $3000 per month(you sound like you have a job), or go to a Catholic church and ask for help(they might have a room to shelter you at a very cheap price or free donation).

As for your canoe, oven, refrigerator…maybe not the canoe, but just leave those appliances…what are you gonna do with them anyway?


Quick answer, yes, she apparently does have at least mentionable liquid assets based on her purchasing habits, but I do not know the extent of which, and would rather not bring them into the picture: I have no right to such assets, and will not consider going after them.
The idea of “getting paid” in return for signing the papers is distasteful to me. Thank you for your suggestion, but I cannot follow your advice.

I truly appreciate your comment. She doesn’t even know how to manage a canoe, yet I was born into it. The same pretty much goes for the oven, but that’s something I can easily replace: the canoe is an ONAK origami plastic canoe, only 17kg, and an absolute dream for this Wisconsin Northwoods boy: I will be negotiating for that for sure.
It was nearly NT40,000.

Finley, you’re revealing your lack of information here, which unfortunately sides with my dwindling appreciation for your contributions on this thread. You’re veering towards snide presumptions of my situation, and that has been grating me a little bit. Don’t tell me “that is known as life,” friend, because I have lived one and have experienced my fair share of :poop:.

The JFRV and APRC and simple ARC are still entirely separate. I have this from an NIA senior employee–a former student. If you’re not up-to-date, in-the-know, and willing to help out, then graciously exit this particular issue.

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pieta.mabel makes a very good point here. You can indeed throw yourself on the mercy of the Catholic church here - there can be rooms or dorms to had for a short/medium stay, for a cheap price or donation. I’ve seen it done. It’s not everyone’s choice, but it does get you a roof for a while, and buys you breathing space to find somewhere cheap to live.

Why are you so sure you have no right to those assets? I mean, if I understand correctly this shopping started recently, hence would it no mean that she received these assets recently and as such half would be yours?

You may not appreciate Comrade Finsky’s way of trying to help, but I assure you, he’s not singling you out for unfair treatment – he’s always like that! :roll: (Search for the threads about Uber, labor reform, Venezuela, and borderline personality disorder if you don’t believe me.)

That said, let’s all try to get along despite our competing ideas about the meaning of life. :rainbow:

The JFRV and APRC and simple ARC are still entirely separate. I have this from an NIA senior employee–a former student.

Sorry, I may be getting you mixed up with another one of our soon-to-be-divorced foreign spouses. Did you say you’re getting your APRC very soon, but not before the likely date of the divorce? (The main point of mentioning the difference between having an ARC and having an APRC is the freedom to work without a work permit.)

Well, I can either tell you the truth as I see it, or tell you what you want to hear. You are in a lot less :poop: than you think you are, which means it can go rapidly downhill from here.

Whatever isn’t stated in your posts, I have to assume.

So which one do you have then? Since you’re intending to stay here, the entire answer to your question revolves around that, but perhaps yyy can follow up on that one.

I’m not planning on braking up with my Taiwanese wife .

But she has a apartment she own before we married. We have no agreements in place before we married.

Allso I have sold a house and brought a new house in my home country after the marriage.

How would we each stand about the properties if we broke up .

Any person with ant direct experience with this



Found this article while searching about ‘divorce in Taiwan’. Really sad to see such a progressive country with such backward views/laws on divorce.

Now, about my case:

  1. I am a foreigner married to another foreigner. We got married in Taiwan at a local HHRO. I am here on a work-based ARC, she is my dependent.
  2. Things haven’t been working out so well. Frequency of arguments is excessive to say the least (2 to 3 a week). She initiates each argument while I am forced to engage in them. My guilt is that she claims I am reason she has to start each argument. I can provide a list of most common reasons later (and no it’s not adultery, or any kind of abuse, mostly really silly things that most normal people wouldn’t argue about)…
  3. (It’s unfortunate that I can estimate this but) After over a hundred arguments over the last 6 to 8 months, I have come to the realization that it’s time to call it quits. This is not an easy decision for me, especially given how much I’ve had to struggle against the Taiwanese government to get her to Taiwan.
  4. I am thinking about divorce but knowing her, it’s unlikely it will be consensual. I am not sure what are my options in this case as a foreigner. How can I file for divorce if she doesn’t want to divorce ?
  5. We can’t do it my country because the laws there are no better than Taiwan and I cannot accuse her of anything that she hasn’t done. I really do not wish her any harm.
  6. We can’t do it in her country because she is from Philippines and there’s no divorce there.
  7. The only option I have is Taiwan but none of the 10 grounds for statutory divorce apply. We are simply both unhappy but with different views on divorce i.e. I want it, and she doesn’t.
    (ps : I am even willing to support her financially so it’s not about money. I just want some peace and happiness. )

A couple of things that add to the situation :

  1. She is pregnant.
  2. I will apply for Taiwanese citizenship this November.

To clarify about her pregnancy (and some other things) :

  1. I am NOT divorcing her because she is pregnant. I have always wanted and loved kids.
  2. In fact we’d been trying to get pregnant for 1.5 years (yes, even through all the arguments). It’s complicated because we have traditional parents/families and we had pressure from sides. Anyways, it didn’t happen mainly because of a medical issue with me. The doctors here had convinced me that I couldn’t get her pregnant. At one point we were considering IVF.
  3. Not expecting to get pregnant, we had unprotected sex from time to time, all the while the arguments continued and even while I was always thinking about divorce. Then suddenly out of nowhere she said she was pregnant (and yes, it’s true - it was confirmed)
  • So I did what any normal man would. I tried to forget everything that had happened, and dropped all my thoughts of divorce. But it didn’t take long for that desire to come back. Because despite being pregnant she didn’t change at all. In fact arguments got much worse and I am forced not to engage in arguments with her anymore, because I don’t want to stress out a pregnant woman. But this whole situation has gotten me seriously depressed.

I am very unhappy but I must to treat her well and with care because she is pregnant and that’s the right thing to do. I want to leave her but I don’t know how or when, because I know it’s not right to divorce a pregnant woman (and surely I feel bad thinking about it).

At the same time I can’t help but think of the future of child. I can’t imagine what kind of life he/she will have living in such a home with unhappy and constantly arguing parents.

So I really don’t know what to do.

  1. Stay married (and unhappy) because there is a child involved.
  2. Divorce her before she gives birth.
  3. Help her through pregnancy and childbirth and take care of all her needs until she is able to take care of herself, and then divorce her.

There’s also the whole complication of the baby and it’s custody. I want it so bad. I literally cry for the unborn baby because I can already feel the pain of separation. I don’t know how I will live knowing I have a son/daughter that is away from me. This really wasn’t what I had expected.

One thing is certain though that even if we go through the divorce, I will never take the baby from her forcefully (i.e. legally - I don’t even think I can). So I am mentally prepared to let her have the baby while I support both of them. Knowing her, it’s unlikely she will let me see the baby after divorce, especially if she goes back to Philippines.

Sorry this was going to be a controlled post with few points but I couldn’t help myself.
Bottom-line : I honestly don’t know what to do.

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@housecat i am living Taiwan . married with a Taiwan man ! I married so fast, 22 year old I meet him and proposal me next month . my life in Taiwan not easy … I am now 27 year old… Always same …thing … Let you know when I know the true … He living with his parents divorce a family broken …so I tell you " living with all brother in low they no married … Game … And no life married side ! " he say me waiting and saved money " but he say me can’t work , but after become bad because I don’t work … I do routine for all family … No one talk in this family … ! Then I let you know … Because everything … I can’t learning well Chinese … I can’t speak . I tired situation… I want to divorce… But I love him… But he seem complicated… He want to move… But
His mom don’t want he move . !!! He don’t want to divorce too. But I can’t go … I finish all money in all my ticket and translation married etc… " then I search myself work… Can’t get one because the situation is complicated !!! He promise me so more thing never happened " 3 year married paper signed " say one day will give me a beautiful married … But he never really interesting about it ! Seem he just want married foreigners I think I know I am not only one he want married before ! Foreigners because he hate Taiwanese or Asia girls !!! Next I am always in Taiwan … Always search job near the home … Not easy . can’t go far ! Sorry my English !

@housecat PS : I don’t have children. My husband want waiting more years .
Now he is 28 year old .
Since tell me want baby before when he’s 23 year old . finish married everything changed ! All is not same ! For else is beautiful and else choose a life not easy , its something we can’t see what the future will happens … We always thinking married and have a sweet home and the man promise… The girls promise stay forever .And we will happy … But all is not like we say …

I forget say : he never meet my family .
1 year after we do video with my mom and my brother !
After nothing more . he just can’t wathing my mom talk …
Since 3 years in Taiwan . since 2015 I meet him in Taiwan for our exchange student world .
I am only one come for him every time .
After finish married he want to pay my ticket come stay… After will travel see my family .
But always say can’t … Need more money…
A lot of thing … He ask… A lot of things he don’t know from he just want me side him and held .
But I am lost…
I am always here and love Taiwan… But not know more thing … Sometime want to back and sometime … Always not well… Because living in a family broken side in same home …

Hi Amy,

I understand that English is not easy for you. Surely people will still try to understand you and help you.

It seems you are married to a Taiwanese person and would like to divorce. But I don’t see any question.

Very basically: in Taiwan, divorce is easy if you two agree. It is very hard if you two don’t agree.

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Hi @olm
I just yesterday search about divorce price etc . until I see this website . so I decide say about my half life in Taiwan " like a spouse *"

I just say little about my life !
" I want sometime to divorce because the situation will never changed " I don’t have question " because I am myself lost from the situation " ! " he don’t want to divorced and can’t pay money for etc…and me I am blocked from this life I don’t have money for etc… !"

I already have a life complicated ( I love him , but situation only I myself don’t know where I can find my way for move if I can get job and do my life … I am very alone from all …

I mean he saved money stay here in a family broken " and promised me everything after nothing … "

He will always listen his mom his father don’t care and all his brother no one talk .

" so our life married never good , never a good conversation, " don’t have manner , it’s when finish married I see the true situation ."

Before we need to move another city … But his mom don’t want … We will never have our life young married… He will soon have 29 year old . more years is gone in this situation.

And impossible talk again about move !
Is impossible talk again about go see my family .

I am lost why he thinking only himself ?
Why before ask me " say my mom give him a car because we are married " but my mom don’t know him never see him
Ask send money .
" first I thinking he just joking " I don’t take it seriously but always continued with it !!!

After " his family is not a family traditional " them are broken family have 2 home both one is for his father living alone and we are side his father home but he door have key can’t open , so I am living with his mom and the 2 big brothers never married no girlfriend just stay room and game ! I am only one girl in this home and no one talk and one brother is bad with another.

All need give money the mother for all months.
Then I don’t have money really from my husband … He off money for game and for etc…

Before my family need send me money… He say me say my mom send on his name … So I can’t be independent… He can’t teach me everything in Taiwan … Since until now I not know big thing …I can’t well study Chinese then I stay in my room in his room teen… !!! I try understand …his life . he say love me… But something is wrong or is normal Taiwan spouse living this way

Is normal for a spouse … Or a life married need ask …

Its new for me… Until now… Because I never have man my life… I only one experience I have I have only one boyfriend 17 year old . and waiting for a true love… And know my husband is same me… Now I am waiting for my life married… Again like nothing … 5 years after for 3 years married and 3 years in Taiwan soon in July . ( I tired sometime stay this room and all my thing for cooking is in my room and all my clothing wash my room… Because balcony no place and only me care clear sometime ) I can’t really have my space … And all that I can’t changed it… I am just hope my husband will understand one day … Pray god …

Sorry is long … Its only life I have in Taiwan experience.

And thanks for read me in your precious time .

I am sorry you are dealing with this situation. I do not have any answers for you, but I am a foreign woman also married to a Taiwanese man. I do not think your situation is normal.

Even if your husband is Taiwanese, he should still treat you well, respect you, give you space, and try to keep his promises. If you aren’t able to be independent and he won’t give you money to take care of yourself, then there are some other resources out there for you.

If you are thinking of divorce, don’t feel bad. You deserve to have a good life and if divorce seems to be the only option, then you should divorce. Of course, you can try to talk to your husband first, but if he doesn’t listen to you, then you need to do what you can to be happy with your life. I don’t think your husband will ever change.

If you want help to find resources in Taiwan or want to speak to a professional that can help talk to you to find more options or help foreigners to divorce Taiwanese, I will try to find the websites or numbers of charities or organizations that can help you in Taiwan.

Please just tell me if you want to find some help from Taiwan organizations to help foreigners in situations like yours.

Stay positive and I hope things will get better! You are not alone!



My mother also seems exhausted from my situation so she can’t see me like this. and do not know what to do, she does not want to hear anything about my situation for 1 year. because it will make her sick she have else problem personal tired her already … Not easy !!!

My brother is the same , and he is in high school in the middle of an exam he come back home weekend he don’t have time reply , I can’t exhaust him with my stories! I have my best friend far … But she married and have baby not time … But she don’t know … She have his life not easy but not same me !

I had already contacted offices some did not answer and other association helps nothing (and said “you are adults you will do it alone” you will find your way,

and another foreign office said to me: there is nothing we can do, you are the only one who has decided to leave or tell your family, they told me here we are not psychologists listened to your stories!

" so only one option always try find a job " I leave everything I have for come Taiwan … " and I can’t back my country , I need back home my best friends one day maybe … Because my mom move and problem personal ! I nerd find job for have my life too ! I can’t always stay home my best friend … I am try find solutions for my life married too , but try find how do for move or etc… ( my friend say I am courage ) but not easy …

Solve your problem and go what say the office !!!

I have no religious, I don’t want to leave without having a job, I can’t leave without nothing, I’m married, I have to stay… I can’t just go like that like nothing …, I want to get divorced " sometime i am just tired of the situation " but I have no money, he doesn’t want to get divorced, he love me and i love him but … .

But I do not know if it is his family telling him to do it or stay , so that his mother can have money! I asked myself too many questions without answer!

No one would know what to say!

I am looking for work.

My husband finished work directly computer games talking with games!

He said no money but spent a huge amount on 10,000 + 10,000 games total. after told me he lost. he does it again.

Sometimes he wants to be nice and gives me my stuff. But he forgot some special event. I don’t know who I am here or who I am for him .

First all seem nice and after wired when finish married …
" but me I respect him … And but situations pfff … I accept his life… But always say me all years we will move… But after nothing … Affect me and worry me… Stress me… I can’t sleep … And he don’t worry about it… He know i don’t sleep. I am sleep half time , he know but can’t do something . he concentrate from other thing . me I will understand him… Me I will not use his money for else thing expensive. But him can’t understand I saved too… But him will off all for etc… I have a pet side … He give me for not be alone … He say can play… But can’t take care for all… Then why give me a rabbit … !!! He don’t have more time with me . weekend wakeup computer… I am tired … Tell him… I am in same room with same space … I can’t have weekend with …
…weekend sleep late with game . money off … Where is the future … After tell me can’t … Maybe 5 years wait or 10 year for go another country see my family ?
I already travel more time Taiwan. Other country I travel is 4 country … Now I can’t … I ask where I do wrong way … Find someone is serious for married and have one thing one ex and we are waiting same for one … But I ask god … Why my life always like that … Sad…

I know he never changed , and don’t have solutions for it !!! He will thinking only himself !!!

He says I tired him, while I’m here the only one cleaning home and helping and doing his laundry, his meal, the dishes, they call me to throw the trash " I tell them , stop wake up me for do it … Because no one will do … His father say …

, so he tells me we move if I’m pregnant,his father have another home … But I never sew…never know what’s true , but after he changes the subject he told me that when i work i have to work for the baby ( only me work for the baby and him will off money in what)?

I have no children yet.

But impossible to speak to him.

He tells me not to work and then when I look for a job that dared to abuse me, he does not see when I am not at home, he does not question, by what we live in the room we are in same room I can’t have a space for my thing … And he just playing computer and sleeping and make up I do breakfast for him , I don’t really sleep with, I can’t well sleeping, I always sleep 4h morning and make up for 6h prepared clothing work and breakfast after he go !

When I say I got lost, he will get bad …when I go meet in school before a foreigners , and will be bad because it’s a man or woman … And why I go far with …

So I couldn’t go far alone. he gives me no money to go far because I can’t go back when I don’t have money … When he come take me become bad … Because I was lost in the street …

… before gives me 500.

He promised me to give 1000. But rarely does.

So he decided to take a fridge to buy things to cook, but her mother decided to use our fridge, and she decided where to put it near his room . I was not agreed … I want it near mine door " before we decide put in our room… But his mom not agreed !

(her mother already has a fridge with her ex husband downstairs apartment) she cooked downstairs apartment, reason why upstairs apartment no kitchen) she put all his stuff cooking in a place room with more box side balcony then not place for me … ! So I decide try do my space in room … " try do my garbage side balcony " I can’t always do for other routine … But can’t have my routine … !

All the brothers eat out as single and come back late, one who brings girls home, his disturbs me when I get up at 3am that I see a girl, and the next day is a mess! I should put it clean! After say I do nothing…

I wanted her mother to listen to me (she simply said to me. (I know that you are alone and that you are sad but give my son time he is not ready)!

She wants to take me for her daughter but I don’t know what thought of her! It’s scary !

In short, you could still try to give me the useful coordinates…

( I already have a number for couple situation , but seem I need job for everything ) without money can’t do something …

I don’t know if my husband is normal or his family ! I try held him and understand… But not easy … The reason I need job for see where …

But I am waiting for a work to start, especially with this virus at the moment we are wondering where the life is going!

Anyway thx for read me .