Some answers about divorce in Taiwan

I recommend to try to settle amicably. Proving she is committing adultery does not help with that.

Start sitting around the kitchen table and discussing some ideas of what you would like to agree on. Make sure they are just ideas (better not make any strong demands to start with). I recommend taking less money to settle on good terms. Just try to get 50% custody assuming that is important to you and think about where your child is going to live. You should probably pay less for supporting the child you both have, since her income is higher, so maybe agree on sharing child-cost based on income, which could fluctuate.

Also, if you refuse to get divorced, there is not much she can do about that. Recommend to not move out even if it is her house. But, she being Taiwanese, she could possibly just have the locks changed and not allow you inside anymore and nobody might stop her. One good negotiation tactic is to keep saying you will never get divorced and you will keep working on it.

Again, recommend peaceful settlement.

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Has your child travelled before on the Taiwan passport? If so the child can leave Taiwan on a foreign passport. But first exit needs to be on the Taiwan passport. Dual citizens can leave and enter on either passport but if entering on foreign passport is not considered a resident and the visa free entry rules for EU citizen would apply. I assume you know this already.

If the parents are married the a parent can get a Taiwan passport as the passports office assumes the other parent consents. If divorced both parents need to sign for the Taiwan passport.

You do not need the consent of the other to travel with your child but if you do a divorce agreement you would want to state that you can travel with your child. For my own divorce private agreement either parent could travel with the child and when the child was 10 years old could decide which parent to live with.

Normally in Taiwan the assets after marriage are split but I cannot advise how much you would get buy yes you are entitled to part of the assets. Also proof of one cheating would perhaps need more than a phone call recording.

Also if you move out after divorce and your child lives with you then you can ask for child support as well.

@marco can recommend a lawyer he has used.

If a divorce from a court this is now normal in most cases. The law used to be that the Father would get 100% custody if he wanted that.

Yes he did travel with Taiwan passport before. We went to Japan, Thailand with TW passport.

I don’t get it. It is 1 of 10 reasons enough for divorce but actually there is no consequence for adultery. The emotional trauma I got from this revealance will stick to me until end of my life. Why she can get away with that?

I thought you didnt want the divorce

Adultery was a criminal offense before, that changed and it’s no longer the case in Taiwan.

I didn’t want to divorce until i found she is cheating on me. I’m battling my self how to find best way for my kid. Rollercoaster of feelings every moment.

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A friend of mine he and ex wife have both travelled separately to other countries with their child. Airline staff wont ask anything.

There is no reason your son should not visit his grandparents. It’s not like you took all the effort to become a citizen just to up and leave Taiwan.

Maybe slow down and take time to collect yourself. The marriage is kind of already over but you just found out. Do not do anything you may regret later.