Some election thingy

I know this is many months from now and many thousands of miles away, but maybe someone should start a thread on it.

  1. Obama: Only has one name, and it’s one letter different from “Osama”, so why did he pick a friend whose name is an abbreviation of “Bin Laden”? Apparently he looks foreign and we can’t have that.

  2. John McClane: Nice ties. Killed a bunch of terrorists holding a skyscraper and threw Alan Rickman through a window, which makes him a war hero. Not American by birth, but he at least he doesn’t look foreign so that’s ok.

  3. Mr Hillary Rodham: Climbed Everest and bonked an ex-president. But then, who hasn’t?

As for parties- The Democrats support the republic, and the Republicans are democratic.

All nice chaps, I hope they all win.

Is the horse-faced man not running this year? The one who was married to the baked bean woman? He seemed like a nice fellow, for an Irishman.

Don’t forget that Mr Hillary Rodham also plays basketball and has lots of tattoos and body piercings, and likes to dress like a woman, although he is clearly a man. Anyway, I think that should get him lots of votes, especially from pro-choice supporters, because he chose to do lots of things.

What can we say about this? :ponder:

Body off Baywatch, face off Crimewatch?

Yeah, it’s photoshopped, this is the real one:

Nice touch, especially like the dude with the smoke and the can of Schlitz in the background. :roflmao: