.... some good peeps to hang with on Thursday night

I’m in town from LA for the bike show…
Simply lookiing for some good people to hang with…

Let me know!

-S :wink:

There is a thread in the event section of this forum about the bike show. I am planning to go, and some others do too.

I can hang on a Thursday night, although I’d rather sit at a table or prop up the bar, but whether I’m a good peep is debatable. :smiley: I’m a good conve ./… aaaw whaddahell. :sunglasses:

I can’t hang out w/ you in TW, but I am in CA!!

You can come visit me!

Road Trip to CA? Hmm…if you pay for the trip I’ll go!

What does “hanging” entail exactly? And what is a peep? Sorry, I am new to the internet.

Hanging entails usually, conversation with people over a liquid drink of some type. Not too much activity involved, just sit, chat and drink. A peep is slang for people. Come on Bob I thought you were more hip then that!

This guy Tassevi seems like he’d be up for it. Why don’t you give him a PM?

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … highlight=

I would love to see a nonliquid drink. Maybe a popsicle would do the trick.