Some Ideas


One of the guys I work with has recently decided to get interactive with the (kindy)students.

He brought a variety of fruit, and had the kids come up and ask for what they wanted.

“I would like a piece of __________please”

“I want a piece of ____________please” etc.

I did the same think this morning. but I also brought some juice.

So students had to say:

“I want a piece of________ and some______juice please.”

It worked wonders, total concentration and involvement by the happy students, co-teachers and kindy teachers extremely happy.

The same guy yesterday brough some balloons along and started blowing them up in class, stoping every now and then to ask the students how they FELT.

“I feel excited, I feel scared, I am a bit worried” etc etc.

He went on until the ballon blew up. The kids loved it, the co-teachers were (in typical Taiwanese fashion) as bit concerned about it all, but it was very interactive.

By the way, this guy is not a trained teacher and he does not have any ESL qualifications. He simply cares about doing his job right, and this he does. I have a lot of respect for him and his concern about doing the job right!