Some nice modding about

I was initially pissed off that some stupidty was removed from a recent politics thread, cos frankly I’m all for leaving egg on faces, but in hindsight, and looking back at the thread, it is much better. Discussion has stuck pretty much to topic and the idiots have vacated the scene.

Nice work mod!


I believe that was Adminning rather than Modding (if you know what I mean, like).

Ah! All the same, to be fair I’ve often railed againts intervenshun, but looking at the thread, I think it does make for better discussion. I mean it’s a pity my witty replies couldn’t stay out there in the breeze, you kow, but the nonces are gone, and I guess that’s the main thing. :laughing:


Are you calling Irishstu a cow?

Hmm, can I do that here? :laughing:


Gee…I give you a compliment and it gets 86’d and you’re happy about that?