Some police officers need to be jailed

Most officers are good people But there are bad apples that really should be jailed. I hope these cops not only lose their jobs but are jailed for assault and any other charges that apply. Cops need to learn that they are NOT above the law themselves.

The family deserves the ten million from the state as a punishment to the state to get their shit together.

The family was black. That means that if they were white chances are more than good this would not have happened. Sadly that is the case.

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Would it have happened if they were Asian?

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Not sure, but this behavior for a doll?

Oberlin is getting fined into oblivion for indulging in this sort of logic. Just saying.

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Where were these cops when the shooter was in the school?

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Busy fapping to the 2nd Amendment.

Those particular cops were no fans of the 2nd Amendment, as we all know. But nice try.

Why, does being a fan of the 2nd Amendment turn you into a superhero?

It doesn’t, but it helps.

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What if they were all Sagittariuses of Hispanic descent who were raised by Mormons in the Asian part of town? Heterosexuals but live next door to a neighbor whose kid thinks he’s a dinosaur if that helps you with your mind reading further.

You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.


Too late. Cops are already above the law because US courts basically give them the benefit of the doubt over anything, politicians won’t do a thing about it, and the public doesn’t care.

They can basically murder you, demand bribes, and they will at worst get a couple of years for their trouble and honorably retired.

Most cops are decent but the system isn’t doing enough to weed out the bad ones.

I agree the system is not working well in terms of prosecuting police officers who clearly fucked up. But I find you always exaggerate issues to something false with a ounce of truth if at that

Because once you let something like this happen, it sends a clear message to other corrupt officers out there that they can pretty much fuck up and get away with it. It’s how holocausts get started. You always start oppressing those nobody cares about and by the time it gets to you or those who matter to you, it’s too late.

see right here…i don’t think this is quite how the holocaust started.


Well, maybe not that one.

Everyone does whatever he can get away with. Someone has to watch the watchmen.

It’s the groups everybody cares about that get a free pass to shoplift… then riot and loot. If you don’t like the police, then the alternative is armed shopkeepers with itchy trigger fingers. Or maybe… anarcho-tyranny, anyone?

Yes, but I find the lack of accountability is appalling when it comes to police screw ups that cost or potentially cost lives. They have more responsibility than the average civilian, they should be accountable when failing to uphold these responsibilities. It’s not like anyone forced them to do this job, so I don’t want to hear them complain about the dangers of the job as an excuse when executing poor judgement

Do they have the CCTV leading all the way up to the point this filming started if so I’d like to see it?

Please don’t think I am anti police.

I know police fulfill a very important role in society, namely to maintain public order.

However in the US the police needs more accountability and given how the courts just about believes everything they say even if they lie about it, who can hold them accountable?

The US Constitution mandates an impartial court to hear cases and decide on punishments, but we have been shown that courts are anything but impartial. Often those without money are denied justice and they often take a plea bargain because they do not have the resources to defend against a false accusation. So they are saddled with a criminal record for the rest of their lives for something they weren’t guilty of and the courts allow it to happen. When police officers violate the trust society gives them, justice demands they face harsher consequences for their crimes, but in reality the courts often brush it aside, and if they do get punished it is often a slap on the wrist for the gravity of their offense. When they do go to prison they go to “easy” prison because they are “brother of the shield” or some bullshit. They swore an oath to uphold the law, they violated the law knowingly, they should have the book thrown at them and should face much harsher punishments than civilians. If they murder someone they should AT LEAST face the capital punishment.