Some question about paypal and taiwanese bank

I have a tw paypal account… but havent been linked to my bank account or visa debit card… because it always get rejected by paypal…
so I want to ask some question to make it clear :
1)my name on my taiwan paypal account is written in Chinese, and I want to open a new bank account… but i dunno which name that I need to fill in for registering a visa debit card? my Chinese name or english name?
2)what about the address? in Chinese or english?
3)can chinatrust visa debit card work for online purchase or paypal?
4)im an indonesian that study in Taiwan. my name in my passport is just A*****. I don’t have any last name. what do i fill then? just “adrian”? or do I need to put a “chen” as my last name… because my last name in Chinese is “chen”
please help me… im a newbie in this case! thanks.