Some questions about teaching at schools/buxibans/private

When everyone here says schools are they referring to like Hess and others? Or actual grade school?

Also buxibans are just after school tutors…if working for one of those do they normally help you get settled in like the larger chains?

Can you work for both a large chain and a buxiban part time legally?


“School” is being used as a general term: grade or secondary school, public or private and buxibans.

“Larger chains” are also just buxibans. A buxiban, large or small, is just any business that offers courses on just about any subject. Not sure how much real help any of them give on settling in.

Yes, you can work legally for more than one employer as long as each employer secures you a work permit and you add them to your ARC. The total combined hours as applied for on your work permits can’t exceed 32/week.