Some tangyuan aren't for eating?

While browsing Wikipedia, I came across the following in the article for the winter solstice festival (Dōngzhì), which is less than three weeks from now. It mentions tangyuan, those glutinous rice balls usually filled with a paste made of sesame, peanuts, or red beans.

I’ve never seen anyone stick tangyuan on doors, windows, or furniture. And my wife’s never heard of of that either. What about y’all? Is this real? If so, where in Taiwan did you observe it?ōngzhì_Festival#In_Taiwan

Never. My wife never heard either.

Probably from decades or centuries ago. Maybe the Japanese overlords pointed out that a ball of decomposing sweetened carbohydrate might keep the spirits away, but the rats and cockroaches will assume it’s party time.

What do you use to eat them with? :whistle:

The tangyuan or the cockroaches? Being slippery little buggers, I prefer to stab them with a chopstick and eat them thus.

When I do this, the locals usually go ‘ooh’ and ‘aaahhh’. ‘This foreigner knows how to use chopsticks’.