Somebody's Watching You

How the…???

[quote=“Bassman”]How the…???[/quote]The server that stores that image knows your IP, obviously. Also your broswer and OS versions are sent by your browser too. The server just builds that into a little image before sending it back to you.

But there IS a spoon. And it bends.

How embarrassing! Can other people see that I’m using a Vic 20?

It’s actually pretty simple. Basically when you connect to a website , you send your IP, Browser version, cookies etc. etc.
Well basically thats it. About getting the ISP, a simple WHOIS query of your IP could get your ISP and even an address or a phone number.
It’s easy enough to get past through these.
Example you can fake your browser by telneting to the server and manually send the information you want. About your IP, you can also fake it by using proxies. Basically you connect to the proxy server and the proxy server connects to the website which makes the web server think you are the Proxy as a result. Most proxies would still give up information about you. Anyway i guess this is enough information already. :wink:

I am not techno literate, or phonic for that matter. In other words, I don’t understand anything you guys are saying about ISP, …

But I do think that other users can not see that you are using a Vic 20, All I see is my information.

And, yes, my name really is Mr. Andersen. :shock:

I see also that the Matrix quote changes every time I return to the page. very interesting.

well , to just so you know, ISP means (Internet Service Provider).
Now about using a VIC 20, i have never met anyone that old and i have to admit, i’m very interested. I mean a VIC-20? if i’m not mistaken, doesn’t a commodore Vic-20 have a 1 mhz cpu? And what puzzles me the most is what the heck do you use to browse the net? I mean what browser do you use for ROM BASIC anyway? (Which if i’m not mistaken is the operating system for a Commodore VIC-20) i mean i don’t know if you just posted this to play with peoples mind, but if i’m wrong i would be glad to know what you use to browse the net. Anyway about knowing what computer you’re using… the webmaster could find out what you are using if they really wanted to. Although you can also spoof what kind of browser you’re using (Which is off topic though) Anyway those were just my 2 cents :wink:

Knowing that I am being watched does not make me feel any less secure than if not. It is surely better to be watched than to not be watched at all. Imagine that you discover that much, much more is known about you by total strangers than you thought they knew. It’s comforting, actually. What a lonely feeling it would be if you found out that no one really cared enough to pay attention.

I like being watched.

I only like being watch by hot females looking for wild action.

I did not like being I eyed by that guy in the pet shop. felt like spiders crawling up the spine. creeeeeeeeeeepy! (if you are a hetero like me)

Being watched by your community is a double edged sword.

Vic 20’s :laughing:

“press play on tape” :astonished: