Someone to look at my hip in Taoyuan District

I got an x-ray a year ago (at one of those places that does x-rays only) and it wasn’t helpful at all. I’m not sure if I should go to a clinic or MRI or what here! Any recommendations on what to do and where to go are appreciated.

What about a physical therapist? Could be a muscle related issue which won’t show up on an x-ray

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I wonder if they take x-ray and MRI there or send you somewhere else lol. I don’t understand the system here.

i would suggest to book an appointment with an orhotpedic surgeon in a hospital near you. they can arrange for the right tests and can diagnose the problem.


Yes, in the absence of some other extraordinary recommendation, a hospital is the best bet.


Actually a really good idea. I’m hella scared of surgery but having a surgeon walk me through would help a lot.

Hips don’t lie. So I heard.